Beat the heat this summer with an insulated solar span patio roof

Insulated solar span roofs are becoming popular features of Australian made patios, offering a number of advantages over standard Colorbond roofs as they improve heat efficiency and reduce condensation. Design Insulated solar span roofing integrates well into flat and gable style patios, and has an uncluttered, minimalist look with clean lines that’s ideal for contemporary properties. Unlike standard patio roofs that are vulnerable to condensation forming, these roofing sheets won’t be visibly affected by differences in temperature, and will keep…

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Why a new patio is a worthwhile investment

Building a new patio is a great way to be able to enjoy your outdoor space in comfort and style as well as adding value to your home. With a range of outdoor patio designs to choose from to suit any home, budget and lifestyle, building a patio that is practical for your current needs and has ongoing appeal should you decide to sell is simple. Extend the amount of usable space There are a number of popular and worthwhile…

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Why a Covered Patio is Better Than an Open Patio

Being able to relax and entertain outdoors is one of the great benefits of living in Perth’s climate. Adding a roof to your patio can extend the space you have for entertaining and add comfort and protection from both sun and rain allowing you to make the most of this space all year round. So when it comes to outdoor patio designs, it makes a great deal of sense to consider including a patio roof. Extra sun protection These days…

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The Importance of Patio Roof Insulation

One of the most important considerations when choosing your outdoor patio design is the style of roof for your outdoor area. The variety of styles such as dome, gable patios and pyramid patio roofs can provide an elegant addition to the overall look of your home, as well as added protection from the elements to enjoy your patio more often throughout the year. Another benefit of adding a roof to your patio can be the extra comfort it offers by…

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The Benefits of Installing an Indoor/Outdoor Room with a Patio Roof

Creating a smooth transition from your indoors to your outdoors can expand the sense of space your home offers and provide extra room for entertaining and relaxing. Integrating or combining styles and materials, such as timber floorboards both indoors and on your patio/deck, will help to establish the flow between the two areas. Another way to enhance your indoor/outdoor room is with a patio roof. Installing a patio roof will allow you to maximise the time that you are able…

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How to create added privacy outdoors

When choosing your outdoor patio design, one important consideration is how to create privacy incorporating the layout and aspect of your home and yard. For many people, having a patio area that they can escape to from the everyday pressures of work and home life is how they relax and unwind. Creating an intimate and private atmosphere for your patio will depend on the design and materials of your patio as well as your own personal style. Add a roof…

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Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Round Thanks to a Patio Roof

With a variety of patio design ideas to suit any home and budget, building a patio is a great way to enjoy the benefits of living in Perth’s terrific climate. However, to really get the most out of your patio consider including a patio roof as this addition will increase your ability to entertain guests or simply relax on your patio the whole year round. Perth’s summers can be extremely hot and the dangers of prolonged exposure to harmful UV…

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