At The One Stop Patio Shop we are the leading supplier and installer of patios and pergolas throughout Perth. Our patios and pergolas are the perfect way to protect yourself from Perth’s harsh summer weather, but still be able to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort and luxury.


Many people are confused by the differences between a patio and a pergola. Whilst they are both very similar, a pergola is generally more expensive because it is a more robust construction. A steel pergola requires less maintenance than one made from timber too. Pergola’s generally come with more disadvantages than patio’s, with more upkeep required and increased damage from weather over time. At One Stop Patio Shop we find in most cases customers want a patio.


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Patios are the more popular choice of Perth homeowners.

Problems with Pergolas

  • Require regular painting and maintenance
  • White ants/termites
  • Rot if exposed to weather
  • Warping and bowing over time with heat
  • Unattractive due to a number of supports required from an engineering perspective.

Benefits of a Patio

  • Clean and clear visual appearance due to long spanning abilities
  • Galvanised rich powder coated colour bond finish for long life, low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Patio’s won’t rot and can’t be eaten by termites
  • Due to strength of steel and welding any design issues with home can be over come
  • Patio’s match the architectural design of your home


There are quite a few benefits of installing a pergola or a patio in your backyard. The most obvious one is protection from Perth’s extreme weather in Summer. Because a pergola or patio is not closed off, it also allows you to enjoy an outdoorsy feel without being scorched by the sun’s rays. This prevents sunburn and skin cancer too.

A pergola or a patio makes it easy to hang pot plants off the beams and lattices, and also have climbing plants intertwine themselves along the posts. Therefore it’s easy to brighten up a dull looking structure with beautiful greenery.

Another upside of a pergola or patio is that you can go outside at any time, regardless of Perth’s weather. Outdoor dining is made easy, knowing that you don’t have to worry about persistent rain or scorching sunlight. With some nice looking comfortable outdoor furniture, you can totally transform your backyard into something spectacular.


Pergolas and patios are also perfect for hiding ugly structures or views that spoil the experience while you’re outside. You can strategically place a pergola or patio to improve your backyard and significantly add to its value, which is crucial to Perth’s competitive property market.

In fact, the simple addition of adding a pergola or patio to your backyard can in some cases add enough value to your property that the renovation actually pays for itself. A lot depends on the quality of the materials used though.

Another thing to consider is a wood grained ceiling. A wood grained ceiling on a pergola or patio looks amazing, and is a sure fire way to increase the value. The wood grained ceiling adds a sense of intimacy and lavishness to your patio or pergola, and is well worth the money.

One of the most impressive types of patios is the Gable Patio. Rather than having a flat roof, the gable patio features an angled roof that meets in the centre. This design increases light, ventilation and space for your outdoor entertaining area. The gable patio is visually stunning and also has the advantage of being stronger than a flat roof patio.

We are also Perth’s carport specialists and our mission is to build you a structure that perfectly complements your home, blending in seamlessly. We can build you a single or double carport that is finished with Perth’s finest quality Colorbond steel products.

Your carport will help to protect your car from Perth’s blazing sun and for when it rains. It’s a far better alternative than just leaving your car in the driveway.

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