Insulated solar span roofs are becoming popular features of Australian made patios, offering a number of advantages over standard Colorbond roofs as they improve heat efficiency and reduce condensation.


Insulated solar span roofing integrates well into flat and gable style patios, and has an uncluttered, minimalist look with clean lines that’s ideal for contemporary properties. Unlike standard patio roofs that are vulnerable to condensation forming, these roofing sheets won’t be visibly affected by differences in temperature, and will keep your patio well insulated in the summer as well as retain heat in the winter.


Solar span roofing is made from layers of durable Colorbond sheeting, bonded to a solid polystyrene core. This keeps the roof lightweight and compact while benefiting from the superior strength of Colorbond steel, available in a range of colours to suit different patio styles. The 50-millimetre thickness of the polystyrene and high tensile steel allows these roof sheets to span greater widths than standard Colorbond roofing, which means less under-structure is needed for support, even when walking on the roof. Solar span roofing is 100 per cent Australian made.

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