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How to Ensure a Pet Friendly Patio

For many of us, our pets are rightful, respected and loved members of our family. So, just as we childproof our homes for our children, it’s important to create a safe, optimised outdoor space for furry family members, too. Not sure where and how to start? Read more from the team who know everything patios Perth at One Stop Patio Shop on how to ensure a pet friendly patio. Create a shaded area Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses just isn’t a…

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Backyard This Summer

How to Make the Most Out of Your Backyard This Summer With beautiful warm weather, Christmas and the New Year on the horizon, now is the perfect time to whip your backyard into shape this summer. Doing all the hard work now, (don’t worry it’s easy work), will all but ensure a fun, relaxing season where you’ve definitely made the most out of your backyard. Read more from the team who know everything and build everything patios Perth at One…

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Why We’re Your Patio Renovation Specialists

People are choosing patios for their backyards for a multitude of reasons. As an outdoor oasis, an entertaining hub, or an extra addition to boost their home’s market value. But what about if you own or recently purchase a home with an existing patio? And that patio is less than impressive, dated, or even dilapidated? Then that’s when patio renovations Perth are your answer. Want to know how and why One Stop Patio Shop are your patio renovations Perth specialists?…

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How to Summer Proof Your Patio

It’s nothing but blue skies ahead (mostly) for Perth weather in 2020 and that means more time in the beautiful outdoors and backyard. Now’s the time to dust off the barbecue, clean the pool and clear the cobwebs in your Perth patio. Of course, there’s more ways to get your patio ready for summer, but don’t worry, they’re all quick, easy and won’t make you break a sweat. Interested to learn more about summer-proofing your patio? Read more from the…

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Why We’re Your Granny Flat Perth Specialist

Granny flats are a welcome home extension that suits the needs of many families. They’re perfect for a teenager’s retreat, an at-home office away from the main abode and of course, a home for granny (and/or grandad). You may think it’s strange that One Stop Patio Shop are writing about granny flats in Perth, but actually, we offer more than patios. Read more to see why One Stop Patio Shop are your specialist for all things granny flats Perth, too!…

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Why Timber Lined Patios?

Patios enhance a home in so many ways. Entertaining, an added outdoor, enclosed space and sanctuary all year round are but some of the reasons why people opt for Patios Perth. In fact, the only issue people often have with patios, is right at the beginning when it’s time to choose what patio design suits their needs. From flat patios to gable patios, SolarSpan to skillion roof patios, there’s a variety to choose from and many benefits of each and…

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Your Guide to SolarSpan Patios

SolarSpan…must have something to do with the sun, right? Well, yes! A SolarSpan patio is an exciting new product available from patio Perth professionals at One Stop Patio Shop. With a multitude of benefits, made from high-quality materials – SolarSpan patios are proving to be a popular choice for the people who want luxury without the high price tag. Interested to know what they’re all about? Read on to find out. What is a SolarSpan patio? Hot off the press…

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Your Guide to Patio Renovations in Perth

Your Guide to Patio Renovations in Perth Have you recently purchased a property with a subpar patio? Perhaps the patio you lovingly had installed in the 90s isn’t quite serving you as well as it once was. Whatever your reason, now is a great time to consider patio ideas before summer hits. Why? So, you beat the summer rush and can show it off and enjoy all it has to offer when outdoor entertaining (and relaxation) picks up again. Hint…

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Patio Maintenance and Cleaning Tips for all Seasons

Patios provide entertaining in the warmer months and sanctuary in the cooler months. Like with cleaning on the inside of our homes, our patio and patio flooring needs some tender, loving care to keep it in tip-top shape. Spring is generally the common time for large indoor and outdoor cleaning, but did you know there’s different tips to clean your Perth patio for any season? Read more from One Stop Patio Shop for seasonal maintenance, patio ideas and all things…

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Is It Worth Getting Insulated Roofing for My Patio?

Insulation – it’s great for keeping us warm and cosy in our homes, particularly in the chilly months. However, is insulation really necessary for outdoor, open spaces? Particularly in our beautiful, temperate state of Western Australia? Today at One Stop Patio Shop, we’re talking about insulated roofing for Perth patios. Read more to find out if they’re really worth it.   What is insulated roofing? Patios are a staple for many Perth residents, providing a great outdoor entertaining space for…

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