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It’s Time to Clean Your Patio Flooring – Here’s How

  Forget spring cleaning for a moment, because have you ever thought about autumn cleaning? Autumn is the time for leaves to fall, blow around and collect in areas outside (or inside, if you’re unlucky). Now is the perfect time to clean your patio flooring. Don’t worry it’s not so hard and tiresome as you might think. Want to know the best cleaning tips for your patio flooring depending on what flooring you have in place? Read more from the…

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How Perfect Privacy can be unlocked with a Perth Patio

Doors, blinds and curtains help us maintain privacy within the home. Gates and fences do a sufficient job of doing this in the front and backyards of our home, too. However, let’s face it – not everybody likes their neighbours and it’s not rude to require a bit of privacy within the boundaries of your home, be it indoors or outdoors. Fortunately, installing or working on your existing Perth patio can achieve added privacy within your very own backyard. Interested…

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3 Ways to Autumn-ise Your Patio

Autumn is that cooling off period between the sweltering heat of summer and chilly temperatures of winter. It’s the season where leaves fall, and we slowly but surely shift our outdoor entertaining back to the comfort of inside. However, you don’t have to give up outdoor living completely in the autumn months. Want to know how to make your patio autumn friendly? Read more from the Perth patio builders at One Stop Patio Shop to find out. Put comfort first…

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Helpful Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Blinds Looking Great

Many people in Perth already love their outdoor blinds, and many more are willing to install outdoor blinds to increase the aesthetic and function of their Perth patio. However, it’s important that they are adequately maintained, to make sure they don’t lose their aesthetic appeal and fantastic functionality. Don’t worry though, because maintenance won’t cost an arm and a leg, nor will it take a whole day out of your weekend. Want to know how to keep your cafe or…

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How to Make Your Patio Look as Good as New

Installing a patio is a great way to add value to any property. However, over time and without (easy) maintenance, your patio may not have the look and feel of a new one. Thankfully, there’s simple and cost-effective ways to remedy this. Want to know how to make your patio look as good as new? Read more from the Perth patio professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out.   Decluttering You’ve probably heard how decluttering is popular in…

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5 Questions to Ask Your Perth Patio Builder

Searching for the right patio builder or cover contractor can be a daunting task. You may have come across a few ‘horror’ stories on social media and you want to do your due diligence before committing. Through your search of Perth patio builders, you have a few who claim they are the cheapest, others claiming they are the quickest. Which way is the best way to go? Good question, aren’t we glad you asked! At One Stop Patio Shop, we…

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How Installing a Patio will Increase the Value of Your Property

Whether you’re thinking of selling in the near future, or years down the track, it’s worth thinking about things you have or could do on your property to bump up the purchase price. Most of us love the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors comfortably, especially in the privacy and tranquillity of our own home. Enter – patios. How will installing a patio increase the value of your property? Read more from the Perth patio builders at One Stop Patio Shop…

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The Pros and Cons of Different Patio Materials

A patio is a great value adder to any home. Whether it’s for your own comfort, an extra living space or an investment for the future, there’s so many reasons why the people of Perth love their patios.  A patio is as personalised as the home and homeowner themselves, so of course, there’s a range of patio designs available.  Want to know the pros and cons of different patio materials?  Read more from One Stop Patio Shop to find out.    Aluminium patios  Aluminium patios are…

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How to Find the Best Patio Builder

Before you make a purchase, especially something big and long lasting, it’s wise to do your research. You need to be confident that you chose the right product, the right company, and received the best bang for your buck.  It’s no different when you’re looking for a patio builder for your Perth home. It’s easy to do and you should find everything you need to know online, in store and through word of mouth.  So, how can you make sure you find and…

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How to Transform Your Patio into a Multifunctional Outdoor Space

Your backyard can be a part of your home just as much as your physical home.  It all comes down to your patio, it’s clever design, expert installation and adding your personal touch.  Want to know to transform your patio into a multifunctional outdoor space?  Read more from the patio Perth professionals at One Stop Patio Shop to find out.    Why do you need a multifunctional outdoor space? Many non-essential workers in 2020 had to work from home, and many of…

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