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You can live the ultimate dream by building a Perth patio outdoor deck that you can use to entertain, relax, and enjoy the sun.


A functional and stylish Perth patio deck can be an excellent addition to any backyard. It can be used as an outdoor space to host parties or other special occasions, as well as a place to relax outside of your home if you just want to unwind and read.

Contemporary decks are a great way to increase property value. It can be difficult and overwhelming to choose the right decking material for your Perth home. There are so many choices available that homeowners can feel overwhelmed when choosing the right type of deck to buy.


Find the Perfect Decking Material


Natural Wood

Natural wood is the preferred choice for many homeowners. Natural wood is durable and attractive, with a striking appearance, provided it is maintained properly. It does require some upkeep, with oil at least once a year.

Natural timber is a great investment. It can be more expensive than other materials.


Composite Decking

Composite decking offers a more affordable option to choosing the right deck. It is durable and resistant, meaning it won’t crack, warp, split, or need frequent oiling. Only a light scrub with water and soap. It comes with a range of colours and a similar appearance to timber.


Bamboo Decking

Bamboo decking has become a more popular option for those who are concerned about their environment. Bamboo can be cut in a very short time span of about 4-6 years. Also, harvesting does no harm to the bamboo’s potential for regrowth in the next year. This makes bamboo more sustainable, lower-carbon and environmentally friendly.


Aluminium Decking

Aluminium decking is suitable for harsh climates and can be used in areas that are susceptible to bushfires. It is also easy to clean and maintain, just like other wood alternatives. It is strong, durable, and will not splinter or rot. You can also get it in unique and stylish finishes.


Get the Level Right


It all depends on the size of your yard. You can choose:

  • Ground Level: This is the most constructed and the easiest and cheapest. Ground-level decking’s don’t have to be boring. They can still make your backyard the focal point and add value to your home.
  • Raised Decking: Even if your backyard is not flat or sloped, you still can enjoy a deck.Raised decking offers great views of your home as well as the surrounding landscape.
  • Multi-level Decking: This decking allows you to add more space to your backyard and allow each level to be used for a completely different purpose.One level could be an alfresco eating area while another could have a swimming pool and even a gardening bed.


 Now, The Shape


You can have any shape you want for your patio, but square and round are the most popular. Square decking offers a neat, clean look that is easy to install and cost-effective. Round decking is more labour-intensive and more expensive, but it looks amazing, especially when built around a water feature.


Sprucing It Up


Shape and height are only two aspects of choosing the right patio decking. These features can be added to make your living space even more beautiful:

  • Lighting: is essential for making everything look better. It draws our eyes naturally to it, makes your decking look higher end, and allows you to enjoy the space 24 hours a day.
  • Heating: There is nothing better than relaxing on your deck on a warm night. But why limit the use of your deck to three months? You can have something that you can use all year round by adding heating lamps to your deck, or an outdoor heater. Install a shade sail to make your space weatherproof.
  • Vegetation: Planter boxes are the best way to plant your yard.Plants look great next to gorgeous planks and timber. You can also update the contents of the pots as you grow.


Cost and Expenses


The size and location of the deck are key factors in determining the cost of building it. The larger the deck, and the more difficult the site, the more expensive it can be.


Choose the Right Thickness of Hardwood Decking Board

Decking boards can have a significant impact on the cost of your materials. Prices for cheap decking timber start at 19 mm. The thickness of the boards ranges from 25mm to 32mm and 40mm. The thickness of the decking boards will determine how strong and long-lasting the fasteners are. The cost can end up being much higher than the standard 90 mm.


 Will it Have a Pergola?


Covered decks are very appealing, but the support for pergolas will have to be installed through your deck. Also, you will need to make your deck capable of supporting more weight.

It is important to understand the regulations in your area before building a deck. You should obtain all the permits.

Perth SolarSpan insulated patio roofing is also a great option. SolarSpan Perth patios offer broad protection against the damaging UV rays thanks to their uncluttered appearance. One Stop Patio Shop uses the Colorbond roofing system for our Perth SolarSpan roofing. It offers additional weather protection. The insulated roofing system blocks heat and prevents condensation from forming on the sheets. This will help to keep your Perth patio looking great for longer.


5 Tips to Keep Your Deck in Order


  1. At least once a year, you should clean your decks and staircases with a professional deck cleaner.
  2. Check timber regularly for signs of mildew and rotting. Push a screwdriver through the deck. If it is more than 5 mm, it could be rotting.
  3. Make sure to inspect all wood underfoot and handrails for splintering. sand back if necessary.
  4. Choose a UV sun protector sealant to protect your deck’s colour.
  5. Potted plants should be moved at least once every six months. Also, check the wood beneath. Use hot, soapy water with a scrub brush to remove any mould or fungus.


It’s Time for a New Deck


A deck can be made in any shape or size and can be customised to fit any backyard. No matter how big or small your yard, there is a deck that will fit. Contact us at One Stop Patio Shop to get started on transforming your backyard today.

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