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Nothing screams Aussie summer more than a backyard BBQ under your Perth outdoor patio.


Perth is a great place to entertain friends and spend time with your family this summer. We get some scorching hot days here in WA, so to make the most of your time it’s important that you plan to remain cool during the heat. 


For the best advice, come visit Perth patio builders at One Stop Patio Shop. Not only have we been installing thousands of alfresco patios over the years, but we love to spend our summertime enjoying them with our families and friends. We think we have the patio lifestyle down pat! 



Get a shade umbrella


Shade umbrellas for patios are generally made of the same material as alfresco patio cushions. The handles can be either wooden or aluminium. Make sure they are strong enough to withstand the elements (e.g., Water, mould, sun damage, mildew.) It is best to choose those that have a high UV rating. 


Buy a freestanding patio umbrella so you can move it around or purchase one that fits choose a fixed one that sits over your entertaining table.  


Shade sails


Shade sails are pieces made from cloth or fabric that can be hung above your alfresco patio seating area. You can make your patio unique by choosing from many shapes, sizes, and colours. 


You need to consider the location of your shade sail when you are setting it up. It is important to consider how the sun hits your patio throughout the day. You must place the shade sail in the right position and make sure that the fabric is thick enough to shield you from the harsh Aussie sun. It should also allow natural light transmission.   


If you are looking for something unique why not opt for retractable shade sailings or wave shade sails. If choosing fabric, it is important that the fabric does not become rigid, hot air should be able to escape. We suggest canvas with vinyl coating.  


Ceiling fans


When the weather is in the 30’s and uncomfortably humid, ceiling fans are perfect for covered patios. 


Ceiling fans are a great option because they’re out of the way, so won’t take up space on your patio floor. Why not combine them with a misting fan and create the ultimate cooing effect.  


Misting system


Ever sat at a fancy restaurant on a hot day and had the beautiful fine spray emanating from misting fans. You can replicate this goodness in your own home, and not with the garden hose…  


You would have noticed that on a warm WA day a regular fan doesn’t do much. you essentially just blowing around that hot air. But a misting fan uses water to reduce the air temperature, giving you an instant cooling sensation.  


Now when you are on the go, the novelty handheld misting fans are a great option, but that’s not what we are talking about here. We are thinking of an extremely effective cooling device that can range from seriously heavy-duty to patio perfect. They are great for keeping your alfresco life cool.  


Outdoor blinds


The relentless sun can cause severe skin damage, and even permanent damage to patio furniture. Outdoor blinds are the best option if you want to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about sun damage.  


Not only do they offer sun protection all year round they provide top-notch privacy to your Perth outdoor patio area.  




Now bear with us, we know rugs might not be the first thing that pops to mind when you’re thinking about keeping cool in summer. But have you ever waled barefoot on a scorching hot outdoor surface and practically burnt your feet? An all-weather outdoor rug is the perfect solution, cooling your patio while tying the space together with a touch of style.  


An outdoor rug makes for comfortable entertaining and helps to keep your patio picture-perfect, by eliminating scratches and digs that heavy furniture can cause.  


It is important that you choose the right rug, it needs to be made from suitable materials to survive the elements and strong enough for everyday use. 


Add a bar


You can cool down quicker when you have refreshment at your fingertips. This is especially true if your pool has a lot to offer and you plan to grill and eat outside during the summer.  There are many ways to make the space more manageable, even in hot weather. You could take a dip in a pool to cool off and then grab a drink before heading inside. 


Location, location, location


If you haven’t built your outdoor living area yet, you’re in luck. When it comes to outdoor cooling, the exact location of your patio or casual seating area could make a big difference. When designing your Perth patio consider the wind conditions and the position of the sun when choosing the right location for your patio or casual seating area. 



One Stop Patio Shop can help make your patio more enjoyable this summer. There are many ways you can make it cooler, it’s all up to your personal taste and budget. It’s the only investment that everyone in your family will agree is worthwhile. 

So, whether you are just starting your Perth patio design journey and looking to get a brand new patio or wanting a patio makeover, get in touch with Perth’s patio specialists at One Stop Patio Shop to make your dream patio come to life. 

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