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To ensure your new Perth carport works well with your home and needs, remember these handy points when carport planning.


Are you fed up with your car being out in the elements where there is a constant risk of it getting damaged? Carports are a good option for those who don’t have the space or the budget to build a garage. They also provide additional space undercover for extra entertaining. 

What considerations should you make when building a carport in Perth: 


Get the Help of a Professional


A professional Perth patio or carport builder will have the necessary permits from the council and can help you with the design aspects of the project. Concrete pouring for concrete slabs must be done professionally to have a solid foundation. 


Location, Location, Location


The location is the most important consideration when building a Perth carport. Where is the best place to build a new structure? 

The location of utilities such as gas, water, and electricity will often determine the area where the carport should be constructed. It is important to identify the locations of utility lines beneath the surface so that workers don’t accidentally dig them up during construction. 


Carport or Garage?


An open carport can have two or more sides. An open side is one that has the roof covering the adjacent side at not less than 500mm from any other building, or any side or rear allotment border. It must also have at least one-third of its perimeter open. If the structure has only one side enclosed and a garage door, it is considered a carport. 

Structures are not considered carports in Perth if they have one side enclosed and are less than 500m from your home. It is instead considered a garage. 


Attached or Freestanding?


After you have made the decision that a carport would be right for you, you need to decide whether it will be attached to your house or completely freestanding. 

Attached carports may be connected to a home by using the fascia or a bracket system. Truss brackets tend to be more common because they don’t interfere in existing guttering and can easily be engineered for all wind loads. 

A freestanding carport gives you more flexibility in its placement. You can place them where you are most comfortable, as long as they are supported well and not in violation of building codes. 


Government Permits and Approval


Remember that Perth carports require approval from the government before construction. Permits can be obtained in advance for the construction of a carport. These structures are classified and must be constructed in accordance with local building guidelines and permits.  

To get approval, you will need to present a plan to the authorities and submit it to them. This is important to know before you begin construction. 


Types of Vehicles You Own


There are many different styles to accommodate various types of vehicles. If you have a car or small truck, a standard carport will suffice. However, you should consider larger-sized carports if you have more than one vehicle, a minivan, or a big rig. 


Choosing Materials


You can get carports in many different materials. 

While timber carports are the most affordable option, they will require regular maintenance like painting and sealing to stay in top shape. Treated timber is more resistant to the elements and will last longer, but it won’t last as long as metals. 

Steel carports are durable and can last many years without rusting, warping or other damage if they are powder coated or treated with other methods. Colorbond steel is more expensive but has a greater lifespan and a wider range of colours. 

SolarSpan, aluminium and polycarbonate are other options. To help you plan your carport, ask your supplier or carport builder about the pros and cons. 


Design Options Available for Your Carport


Once you have taken care of all the practical aspects of carport design, you can then choose the best design for your home. Many people prefer a carport that matches the architecture of their home. However, this may not always be possible or might require a custom build. 

There are many options for colours, roof styles (flat and gable), and additional features like lighting and solar panels. 


Examine the Weather in Your Area


It is important to consider the weather conditions in your area when you are considering what kind of carport you should install. For example, if you experience a lot of hailstorms in your area, then you’ll need to choose the best design options that will adequately protect your cars from hailstorm damage. 


Carport Safety and Maintenance


  • These are the things you need to remember when using and maintaining your carport in Australia. It is important to clean and coat the timber used for building your carport at least once a year to protect it from the elements. 
  • Make sure you trim or chop trees around your carport. Strong winds can cause damage to your carport by causing branches to fall or entire trees to fall. 
  • Carports should be built to withstand additional pressure from high winds entering the structure. Carports with a half-block pipe or more capacity will put more pressure on the roof. 
  • Insulate your carport. It depends on the location and temperature of your carport. Insulating your carport prevents condensation from forming and helps to avoid corrosion and rust damage. 
  • It is important to maintain and clean your carport’s gutters, pipes and drains. Carports in Australia are most at risk due to poor maintenance. Leaves can get stuck in drains or gutters, and water can build up, causing corrosive damage to certain areas or weighting the structure, making it more vulnerable to severe weather. It is important to clean and maintain your carport during and after the rainy season. 


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