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Creating a stylish and functional swimming pool pergola can enhance your outdoor living space and help you make a splash this summer. With the help of One Stop Patio Shop, you too could enjoy a well-designed pergola that provides shade, comfort, and a touch of luxury to your pool area. 

Pergolas: A Pool’s Paradise 

Transforming your ordinary swimming pool into a luxurious oasis that goes beyond the crystal-clear waters. Introducing a swimming pool pergola to your outdoor space can offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.  

With summer on the horizon, there’s no better time to transform your outdoor space into a haven of relaxation and entertainment. Join us as we explore the what, the why, and the how of swimming pool pergola designs.  

The Positives of a Pergola 

Before we delve into the different designs available for pool pergolas, we should first be clear on one thing. What exactly is a pergola?  

A pergola is a structure typically consisting of a framework covered with trained climbing or trailing plants. It often features vertical posts or pillars that support a roof grid of beams and rafters. While a pergola may not have a solid roof, it provides an open framework that defines an outdoor space and offers partial shelter, typically through a lattice or cross-beam roof. Pergolas can vary in design, size, and materials, allowing for versatility in their use and appearance. 

Now you know what a pergola is, why might you get one? A swimming pool pergola can be a valuable addition to your outdoor space for several reasons: 

  • Enhanced Design: A pergola can add a touch of elegance and style to your pool area. It serves as a decorative element that complements the overall design of your backyard. 
  • Shade and Comfort: Pergolas provide shade, helping to protect you and your guests from the sun’s harsh rays. This is especially beneficial in hot climates like Perth, where a shaded area can make the poolside more comfortable. 
  • Entertainment Space: A pergola can define an outdoor living space around your pool, providing a dedicated area for lounging, dining, or entertaining guests. It extends the functionality of your pool area beyond just swimming. 
  • Increased Property Value: A well-designed and attractive pergola can enhance the overall curb appeal of your property, potentially increasing its value. A beautifully landscaped pool area can be a selling point for potential buyers. 
  • Privacy: Pergolas can be customised with additional features like curtains, drapes, or lattices, offering increased privacy around your pool area. 
  • Vertical Gardening: Pergolas provide a structure for climbing plants and vines, allowing you to incorporate greenery into your pool area. This can contribute to a more natural and visually appealing environment. 
  • Relaxation and Enjoyment: The combination of a pergola, comfortable seating, and well-thought-out lighting can make your pool a go-to space for unwinding. 

Whether you prioritise shade, aesthetics, or a combination of features, a well-chosen pergola can significantly enhance your pool area. 

Swimming Pool Pergolas: Design Inspiration 

In Perth, where outdoor living is a way of life, crafting a poolside retreat becomes an art form. Let’s look at some popular pool pergola designs: 

  • Modern Minimalist Pergola: Clean lines, sleek materials, and a minimalist aesthetic define this design. This pergola uses metal and polished wood to complement modern pool areas.  
  • Tropical Oasis Pergola: Inspired by Perth’s coastal vibe, this pergola incorporates tropical elements like bamboo, thatched roofing, and lush greenery. It provides a resort-like feel, creating a perfect oasis next to the pool. The design includes comfortable outdoor furniture for relaxation. 
  • Rustic Timber Pergola: Using natural, weathered timber, this pergola design adds a touch of rustic charm to the pool area. The open-beam structure allows for adequate sunlight while providing some relief from the heat. Decorate with potted plants and outdoor curtains for a cosy atmosphere. 
  • Alfresco Dining Pergola: This design integrates a dining area into the pergola, creating a seamless transition from the pool to a space for entertaining. A sturdy table, comfortable chairs, and strategically placed lighting make it ideal for outdoor meals. Choose materials that withstand Perth’s weather. 
  • Retractable Roof Pergola: Perfect for adapting to Perth’s varying weather conditions, a retractable roof pergola allows control over the amount of sunlight or shade. This design often includes automated systems for convenience and can be made from materials like aluminium for durability. 
  • Colonial Style Pergola: Drawing inspiration from Perth’s colonial architecture, this pergola design features classic pillars and intricate detailing. It provides a touch of sophistication and can be paired with comfortable seating, making it an elegant retreat by the pool. 
  • Sustainable Pergola with Green Roof: This pergola design incorporates a green roof with native plants. It adds natural insulation and contributes to a more eco-friendly outdoor space. Use recycled materials for the pergola structure to enhance the sustainable aspect. 
  • Cantilevered Pergola: This contemporary design features a cantilevered structure that extends over the pool, providing a unique and visually striking element. The open design allows for unobstructed views while still offering some shade. Consider incorporating built-in seating for added functionality. 

You may want to tailor these design ideas to suit your tastes. If that’s the case, consider these ways to upgrade your pergola: 

  • Western Australian Timber Elegance: Utilise locally sourced timber, such as Jarrah or Blackbutt, for a pergola that complements Perth’s natural surroundings. Opt for a modern design with clean lines and a warm finish to create a sophisticated look. 
  • Louvred Roof for Sun Control: Install a louvred pergola roof that allows you to control the amount of sunlight filtering through. This feature is perfect for the intense summer sun, providing shade when needed and allowing you to enjoy the sunlight during cooler hours. 
  • Native Plant Integration: Integrate native plants into the pergola design to enhance the connection with the local environment. Consider incorporating planter boxes or climbing vines to add a touch of greenery and natural beauty. Species like Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos), Grevillea, or Banksia are known for their unique shapes and native grasses, such as Lomandra or Poa, can offer a low-maintenance and water-wise landscaping solution. 
  • Poolside Bar and Lounge: Create a poolside oasis by incorporating a bar and lounge area within the pergola. Use weather-resistant materials for the bar and comfortable outdoor furniture for the lounge, making it an ideal spot for entertaining friends and family. 
  • Cooling Mist Systems: Combat the summer heat with integrated cooling mist systems. These can be installed discreetly within the pergola structure to keep the temperature comfortable for lounging by the pool, even during the hottest days. 
  • Smart Lighting for Evening Ambiance: Install smart lighting to create a magical evening ambience. Use warm LED lights to illuminate the pergola area, and consider incorporating customisable lighting controls to set the mood for different occasions. 
  • Retractable Screens for Privacy: Add retractable screens to provide privacy and protection from the wind. This feature is particularly useful if your pool is in an open area. Choose screens that can be easily adjusted based on your preferences and the weather conditions. 
  • Perth-inspired Colour Palette: Select a colour palette inspired by the hues of Perth’s coastal landscape. Consider incorporating sandy beige, ocean blue, and leafy green tones to create a visually appealing design. Achieve balance by strategically placing warm and cool tones throughout the pergola and extending the colour palette through materials and textures. 
  • Rustic Charm with Pergola Furniture: Choose outdoor furniture with a rustic charm to complement the pergola design. Wicker or teak furniture with comfortable cushions can add a touch of elegance to your poolside. Incorporate outdoor rugs in natural textures, such as jute or sisal, to define seating areas and add a touch of softness underfoot. Rustic lanterns and woven baskets can further contribute to the inviting atmosphere. 
  • Solar Panels for Sustainable Energy: Embrace sustainability by integrating solar panels into the pergola structure. This eco-friendly addition provides shade and contributes to energy efficiency, embracing renewable energy. 

Remember to consider the local climate, wind patterns, and the orientation of your pool area when selecting or designing a pergola home. Consulting with a local expert like One Stop Patio Shop can help tailor the pergola to your specific needs and property characteristics. 

Perfect Your Swimming Pool Pergola with One Stop Patio Shop 

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