With all the emphasis on interior design remodelling and renovations, don’t forget about your patio!

There’s no denying that Australian backyards are shrinking, but a smartly designed patio will be an entertainer’s focal point to balmy evenings and family get-togethers.

That’s why it’s important now more than ever that a limited backyard is utilised to maximise the (illusion of) outdoor space. No matter whether your dwelling sits on an 800m2 block or a 300m2 block, low-maintenance tips will enhance your Perth Patio.

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Read on to learn more about low maintenance ways to maximise your outdoor space.

 Flexible furniture in your patio

You don’t have to constantly change up your outdoor furniture to suit the various seasons or occasion. Whether it’s a quiet warm night in with drinks and a cheese platter (or two) for a handful of friends, or a family-filled first birthday party, here’s some furniture to suit any occasion:

  • Benches (with hidden storage),
  • Multi-use crate seats with cushions,
  • Lightweight, portable and foldable tables.

For Patios in Perth, maximise your space with smart furniture that doubles as storage.

 Divide the space in your patio

Want to wow your guests, and even yourself with your patio? Dividing your patio into separate sections will maximise your outdoor space. A practical approach to every inch of your patio will create the illusion of rooms within rooms.

Sometimes, especially in larger gatherings, people want to naturally branch off into smaller circles.

Dividing and utilising your patio can be achieved with:

  • Placement of furniture

Set up your flexible furniture in the corners of your patio. Your guests will appreciate the different sitting areas and creation of intimate settings. The middle of the patio, then, would be ideal for a table of refreshments or left exposed as a dance floor.

  • Row of planters

Rows of planters are a gorgeous way to divide space and act as a doorway from one area to another. Beautify and maximise outdoor space with a touch of greenery in your Perth patio.

Value the vertical space in your patio

Small backyards and patios call for thinking outside the box and looking upwards. It’s time to make use of your vertical spaces.

The best way to maximise space in your Perth patio? Vertical gardens. By Substituting ground flower beds for wall-mounted greenery, you’ll have more floor space.

Looking for vertical garden inspiration? Think:

  • Edible herbs,
  • Vegetables, and/or
  • Vines in hanging baskets.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your very own patio design. Having a smaller backyard does not necessarily mean you have to forego the joys of entertaining family and friends.

Rain, hail or shine – a Perth Patio that’s smartly-designed and expertly installed will give you something to smile about all year round.

Maximising your outdoor space is as easy as flexible furniture choices, dividing the space and looking upwards instead of outwards. Low-maintenance patio designs and advice be found at your One Stop Patio Shop in Anketell.

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