Prolong the life of your patio

Building a patio is a significant investment in your home and for it to be enjoyed for years to come requires some regular maintenance and care. The first step is to use experienced and skilled patio builders to ensure that you have a quality patio to begin with, as this will make the patio easier to maintain and more comfortable and enjoyable to use all year round.

Protection from the elements

The best way to extend the life of your outdoor patio is by protecting it from the elements with a roof. There are a variety of roofing materials that not only keep the sun, rain and debris off you and your guests when on your patio but also prevent deterioration of the flooring and furniture. These roofs include durable materials, like galvanised steel, that require little maintenance and retain their appearance despite the worst weather conditions. Insulated roofing materials are also available and with a great range of styles to choose from, like gable, domed and pyramid, creating an appealing and stylish addition to your home’s overall look is easy.

53 How to prolong the life of your patio

Keeping your patio swept and tidy will stop dirt and leaves from building up creating conditions for mould or mildew to form that can attack the patio structure. Cleaning and treating any outdoor furniture, particularly timbers, and equipment, like barbeques, will also prevent mould and mildew or grease staining the patio surface.


Regular structural inspections, particularly after storms, for damage to gutters and surfaces that may need repair can prevent small problems escalating and ensure that you enjoy your patio for many years to come.

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