If you’re considering installing a patio in your garden or attached to your home, there may be many questions you need to ask patio installers beforehand to make sure you choose the right type of patio for you and your home.

1 – Materials

There are likely to be many materials present in a finished patio, from brick or timber walls to metal roofing and glass windows. Brick patios are generally the easiest to design and construct, though concrete offers greater durability.

2 – Style

You should make sure your new patio fits in with the overall architectural style and design of your home to avoid stark contrasts and preserve your property’s value.

3 – Function

Are you planning on using your patio for dining, storage, entertaining guests or other purposes? Your requirements from a patio will determine various aspects of its design, including how close it’s situated to the main house building.

4 – Climate

If you live in a particularly warm area, you should choose patio materials that reflect heat, such as lighter coloured roofs made of steel and other metals with low thermal mass. Insulated patios can offer year-round comfort in all climates.

5 – Lighting

Avoid safety hazards and make your patio stand out by choosing attractive and functional lighting both inside and outside.

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