If your patio is looking old and worn, resurfacing can be more economical than other patio design ideas built from scratch.


If your patio has been patched previously, you can break away any loose or damaged mortar using a brick chisel, and the entire surface of the patio should be swept clear of dirt, dust and other debris before cleaning with a high pressure hose or high strength pressure washer.


If you spot holes or cracks in any sections of the patio, you can prepare a suitable patching compound for the type of material your patio is made from, based on the supplier’s recommendations. This compound should be poured up to one quarter of an inch from the top of the holes, as it will harden to fill the rest of the space.


If there are any sections of your patio that do not require resurfacing, these should be marked out using tape or control and extension joints, so work areas are clearly defined. You can then apply a mixture of patio resurfacing powder and water to the damp patio surface, using a wallpaper brush to ensure the compound is spread evenly and reaches the edges and corners. You should wait at least six hours before subjecting a resurfaced patio to foot traffic.

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