Many people are unsure about the differences between patios and pergolas, and learning about the pros and cons of each option could help you choose the most suitable outdoor patio designs for your home.


Patios may be made from a range of materials, including steel, timber and brick, and may be as simple as uncovered wooden decking or feature supports and roofing. Insulated patios offer comfortable all-season environments, and can be installed in colours and styles to match a home’s overall design. Patios are often less expensive than pergolas, and can last for many years when properly installed and maintained.


Pergolas may be more expensive than patios due to the sturdier materials used in their construction, which can also make these more difficult to install as part of a DIY project. Steel pergolas require less maintenance than those made from timber, which will need to be properly treated to protect them from water damage and other environmental hazards.


Many roofing styles can be chosen for both patios and pergolas, including convex, concave, pitched and flat styles. Your choice of roofing should be determined by your local climate and weather patterns, with pitched roofs offering greater drainage in locations that receive higher rainfall, and brighter colours reflecting more sunlight and keeping patios and pergolas cooler in hot climates.

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