Your outdoor patio space should be styled and designed to reflect the interior design of your home.


It will help you feel more connected and open to entertaining in your outdoor space by having the same furniture, colours, and accessories as your interior.

No matter what stage of home design you are in, whether it’s for style updates or new design development, understanding the exterior design of your home and how to achieve it can make all the difference in the final product.

Here are some tips from your experienced Perth patio design company, One Stop Patio Shop, to design a space that complements your home:


Use Your Home’s Current Architecture

A well-designed patio in Perth can create space and versatility. However, it is important that it blends seamlessly with your existing setup. Your Perth patio is an extension of your home and can be used to enhance your living space. You can imagine more seating, cooking, and entertaining space, as well as additional lighting, colour, and personality.

While you may want to add your own style to the design, it is better to choose a style that complements your home’s existing architecture. This will ensure a higher return on your investment when it comes time to sell your home. Find the best elements of your property and then find ways to incorporate them into the patio design. As an experienced Perth patio design company, we will be able to customise existing designs and styles to fit your home, bringing out its best features.


Match Your Preferences, Desires, And Requirements

After considering your home’s architecture and current colour scheme, you will want to ensure that your new patio is in keeping with your own personal style. These spaces are well-known for creating visual appeal. You have an opportunity to express yourself and make a bold, inviting statement.

The best place to start is with patio roofing. There are many options for patio styles, from gable to skillion roofs, domes, and pyramids. If you aren’t sure which style is best for your property, get in touch with our experienced team and we can help you make the best choice.

When deciding on the materials to use, consider where you live and how the weather is all year, your home’s architecture, and what you find most visually appealing.


Make Your Patio an Extension of Your House


Adding a patio to your home will increase its space. These outdoor spaces work as an extension of the home. Therefore, it is crucial to include all the comforts and amenities from your home in your new space.

Shade is essential. A well-designed patio area can help you lower your home’s running cost by keeping your windows in direct sunlight. Use smart landscaping techniques and outdoor blinds to provide shade. You can connect your patio furniture to your interior space.




Some design styles require specific colours. No matter if you’re adding a few chairs to your Perth patio area or redesigning your entire alfresco, it is important to choose the right colours to match your home.

A rustic design style can be characterised by bold, warm colours like reds and browns. The opposite is true for coastal design. This design style is based on light colours like yellows, light blues, or a combination of whites. No matter your design style, it is important to stick to your chosen colour themes when choosing furniture and other items.


Specific Characteristics


Many design styles will have specific characteristics that can either make or break an aesthetic. Each design style will be unique, regardless of whether it’s an accessory, material, or artistic influence.

The industrial design style, for example, is well-known for its use of unfinished, raw elements. This design style features distinct elements such as distressed wood, metal, exposed pipes and ducts. The Modern Farmhouse is another design style with unique characteristics. This style loves to include elements such as wall panelling, off-white colours, and exposed wooden beams.

It doesn’t matter what design style you choose; knowing the elements that make up your style is an important step towards creating consistency in your home.


How to Choose a Design Style


Your home’s exterior design is an important part of its overall aesthetic. It will be easier to choose colours and furniture if your home has a particular style. There are several options for choosing a design style for your home if it doesn’t already have one.




There are a variety of ways you can research different styles and aesthetics. Apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest can provide inspiration for different design styles and outdoor aesthetics. There are many other ways to find inspiration for different design styles. These include online newsletters, interior design magazines, and by visiting our showroom.You can also go to our website and see past projects and information to help you pick your style. You can pick different styles for your roof, wall, or floor and then compare their texture, material, and colour to see how they compare against each other.




Space is about working with the resources you have. There are many creative ways that you can integrate certain design elements and styles. To add a little more flair to your home, consider updating the flooring with darker porcelain pavers.




The decor you choose to decorate your outdoor space can greatly enhance the look of your outdoor space. You can use plant pots of different shapes and sizes as well as furniture such as chairs, tables, and BBQs. Your decor choices can help tie together your indoor and outdoor spaces and showcase your design aesthetic.

The style and design of your home will determine the type of Perth patio design you choose. There’s a patio design in Perth that suits your needs no matter how unique. Get in touch with One Stop Patio Shop today and our team can assist you in creating your dream entertainment area.

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