If you don’t have walls, fencing or trees blocking views into your garden, privacy should be a major consideration when building a new patio. Building a privacy screen is a simple and economical way to block views of uncovered patios and decks, so you’ll be able to relax in the sun without worrying about neighbours and passers-by.

This video demonstrates how to build a privacy screen step-by-step, made from timber slats and a treated timber frame. First, you should measure the space where the privacy screen will be constructed using a measuring tape and marking measurements with a pencil, after which you can build the frame. Making cuts at 45 degree angles can produce a neater finish, and cut ends should be protected against weather damage.

You can then measure and mark the spaces where slats will be set, making sure they are evenly spaced. If you’re worried about the timber warping or moving out of place, inserting a bracing piece of timber through the centre will help to secure the privacy screen. If you wish to paint the privacy screen to match other parts of your home, this should ideally be done before fixing the slats, to save time and avoid mess. It’s also recommended to wear appropriate protective equipment during all stages of construction, including safety glasses and gloves.

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