What are you hoping for this Christmas—a new BBQ? a set of garden furniture?

Don’t overlook putting a new patio on your list for Santa this year. Patios Perth, have more benefits for you and your home than you might have thought of. In fact, if done well, a patio can easily pay for itself in added value to your home! 

To explain just how many benefits a patio can have, the team at One Stop Patio Shop has put together these 9 reasons why you need a patio for Christmas.  


 #1 Patios allow you to utilise your garden year-round 

While the weather in Perth is usually pretty favourable for outdoorsy people year-round, a patio means there’s never a day of the year you can’t sit out in the garden. 

With temperatures sometimes getting down to the low 10s, bouts of rainfall, and the blazing sun, there are times when Perth residents without patios are unable to get the most out of their gardens. With your new patio, you’ll no longer be one of them. 


All of the design options at One Stop Patio Shop are waterproof so you’re able to use your garden for entertaining or simply sitting out even when it’s showering. No more having to cancel the BBQ due to unexpected rain—thanks to your new patio, you could BBQ every day of the year. 


As we’re coming into summer, there couldn’t be a better time to invest in a new patio for your home. All patios offer UV protection by providing much-needed shade from the hot Australian sun. Our SolarSpan patios are particularly suited to those who are looking for a break from the hot Australian sun. 

SolarSpan is known for its heat-reduction and extensive UV protection properties, but also for being incredibly strong—you can even walk on it if you need to. SolarSpan is an insulated roofing system that also prevents condensation from forming, meaning your patio isn’t prone to damage that can be caused by condensation.  


As mentioned, Perth isn’t always scorching hot. In fact, the temperature got down to just 2°C in Perth in the winter of 2022, and temperatures regularly get down to the low 10s or below. With a patio, you’re not forced inside to keep warm. There are several heating options available for your patio. 

One Stop Patio Shop even offers completely enclosed patios—these can be insulated and very energy efficient. For open smaller patios, halogen heat lamps are often more than sufficient. For larger outdoor spaces, you can have a fire pit installed to provide heat but also a focal point for the patio.  


#2 A patio can increase the value of your home 

Constructing a patio is like building an extra room for your home. Our customers’ patios often become the most-used space in their houses, and their versatility and added value aren’t overlooked by estate agents and prospective home buyers. 

Some market experts estimate that a new patio adds an extra 12.4% to the value of your home, meaning it’s not uncommon at all to actually turn a profit by building a patio. Building a patio isn’t a frivolous endeavour, and you can look at it as a form of investment for your home. 


#3 Patios add charm to your outdoor space 

In addition to the physical functionality patios provide, they also add a beautiful touch to any garden. They transform your outdoor space and make it more appealing, attractive, and stylish—you’ll barely even recognise your garden after having one of our patios installed. Patios are also a fantastic way to modernise a home with dated architecture.   


#4 Patios are entirely customisable 

One Stop Patio Shop offers an extensive range of patios. It’s absolutely guaranteed you’ll be able to find a base design that suits your taste. Choose the design and slant of your roof and then pick the roof’s material, including flat deck roofing, polycarbonate, timber-lined, and SolarSpan. Our patios can be freestanding or they can extend from the structure of your home. 

You’re of course able to incorporate whichever colour scheme suits your taste or matches your house’s existing style. If you opt for our Twilight range, you’re able to create a backdrop and custom-designed columns cut out of COR-TEN weathering steel that can be backlit by colour-changing lights—choose a colour to suit your mood that evening or set the backlighting to transition from colour to colour. 

By adding patio furniture, planters, a fire pit, and other decors, your patio is further tailored to your unique style. No two of our customers’ patios are the same but each is beautiful in its own unique way. 


#5 Patios are fantastic for harvesting rainwater 

More and more businesses and families in Perth are turning to rainwater collection. As droughts continue to ravish Australia and restrictions on water use are becoming permanent, rainwater storage tanks are selling like hotcakes.  

Attaching a rainwater tank to your patio’s drainage system couldn’t be simpler. Our butterfly skillion patio design is particularly effective at capturing rainwater. This roof design is actually two roofs that angle down toward the centre. The rain runs to this centre and then down a drainage pipe (and into your collection tank if you have one) allowing for very efficient rainwater collection. 

#6 Patios make your home larger 

Installing a patio for your home is particularly advantageous for those with smaller houses. You’re creating an entirely new space for entertaining. If you have children or teenagers that often have friends over, it means no longer having to fight over who gets to use the living room. 

Many modern homes don’t have a separate dining area, and for special occasions, this arrangement isn’t ideal—dining in the lounge or kitchen just doesn’t offer all that much ambience. With a patio, you can comfortably dine outdoors any day of the year. Wow, your guests with an exquisite dinner party on the patio. 


#7 Patios protect your furniture and fabrics 

By installing a patio, you no longer have to reckon with the harsh Perth sun beaming down on your furniture. The sun fades upholstery like cushions and even plastic and other materials. 

The sun can wreak havoc on the structural integrity of furniture too—over time furniture can become brittle and weak due to sun damage, until one day…snap! A shady patio means both you and your furniture are provided that much-needed respite from the sun’s rays. Another plus is that it’s no longer a mad scramble to bring the cushions or non-waterproof furniture inside when it starts to rain. 

And, did you know that hanging clothes to dry in the sun results in the colours fading and can even damage the fabric? With a patio, you can still hang clothes out to dry in the heat and wind, but your clothes can stay in better condition by drying in the shade—plus you don’t have to worry about the washing getting the dreaded second wash in the rain.  


#8 Good quality patios are easy to maintain 

To maintain your patio, all you’ll really need to do is just sweep or wash down the area a few times a year. Occasionally you could use a high-pressure water cleaner on the roof and flooring—do check that the particular materials are rated for this method of cleaning beforehand. 

One Stop Patio Shop offers a 12-month workmanship guarantee. This means that just in case the installation wasn’t carried out to our high standards, any leaks, rattles, sags, tears, or other issues like this will be rectified straight away. 

In the very unusual case that your patio isn’t up to the standard of our display patios in our showroom, we will remove your patio and refund you 100% of your money. 


#9 Patios encourage wellbeing  

Building a patio can have a tremendous positive impact on your physical and mental well-being. There’s extensive research to suggest that spending time outdoors can significantly reduce our stress and anxiety levels.  

Even our physical health can benefit from us spending more time outdoors since this reduction in our stress levels also lends itself to reductions in blood pressure and muscle tension. Having a pleasing outdoor environment—like a patio—on your doorstep can do wonders for your general health. 


Final thoughts  

Wow, that’s a lot of reasons for why putting a new patio on your Christmas list this year makes sense. Not only can you increase your home’s value—meaning your new patio effectively pays for itself—but you can also enlarge the size of your house, use your garden no matter the weather, harvest rainwater, protect your furniture, and even improve your physical and mental well-being.  

No matter which sort of patio you envision for your home, One Stop Patio Shop is here to help. We provide free onsite consultations and quotes for patio design, in Perth. Get in touch with us today and our team will assist you in the creation of your dream patio.  

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