Patio Roofing Options to Consider

Roofs are important features of patios that keep these outdoor areas insulated and safe from adverse weather. Speaking to patio builders about different patio roofing options should make it easier to find the roof best suited to your needs. Importance of patio roofs Patio roofs can make outdoor rooms such as patios and decks into ideal spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing in all weather and temperature conditions. Patio roofs can be as simple as sheet metal or a fabric…

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Advantages of Installing a Gable Patio Roof

The popularity of gable roof systems with homeowners, both for the main residence as well as outdoor structures such as patios, carports and sheds, is due in large part to their simple, effective design and the relative ease of construction and installation. The great design advantage of gable roofs is the slant or pitch of the roof, which is highly efficient at dispersing weather events such as rain, hail or snow. Even with moderate rainfall, water can pool on flat…

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How to Resurface Your Patio

If your patio is looking old and worn, resurfacing can be more economical than other patio design ideas built from scratch. Preparation If your patio has been patched previously, you can break away any loose or damaged mortar using a brick chisel, and the entire surface of the patio should be swept clear of dirt, dust and other debris before cleaning with a high pressure hose or high strength pressure washer. Patching If you spot holes or cracks in any…

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