Patio roofing options

Roofs are important features of patios that keep these outdoor areas insulated and safe from adverse weather. Speaking to patio builders about different patio roofing options should make it easier to find the roof best suited to your needs.

28 Patio roofing options to considerImportance of patio roofs

Patio roofs can make outdoor rooms such as patios and decks into ideal spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing in all weather and temperature conditions. Patio roofs can be as simple as sheet metal or a fabric awning installed over decking to protect occupants from direct sunlight and keep out the rain, or may be fitted to a fully insulated patio to improve security as well as comfort.

Patio roofing materials

Patio roofs should be made from durable materials that won’t be easily damaged by adverse weather, as well as suitably insulating to keep out heat in summer. Reflective materials such as Colorbond and Zincalume steel are excellent insulators and will also offer many years of low maintenance strength and security for your outdoor areas, though polycarbonate roofing can be cheaper.

For traditional or coastal properties, thatched and wooden roofs can be aesthetically pleasing but will require more frequent maintenance, and are not advisable for areas prone to bushfires as they will increase the fire risk of properties.

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