What is a skillion patio?

If you’re looking for new patio design ideas for your property, skillion patio roofs can create a striking, contemporary impression as well as improve drainage. Skillion roofs Skillion roofs are flat roofs commonly used for patios that are higher on one side, creating a distinctive pitch. These patio roofs may be connected to the main roofs of homes at the fascias beneath the gutters, or can be freestanding structures. Skillion patio roofs are most commonly made from metals such as…

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The benefits of installing a patio roof made from Colorbond steel

Colorbond steel is one of the most popular materials for patio roofs in Australia, and is recommended by many patio builders for its durability and long life. Versatility Colorbond steel patio roofs are available in 20 distinctive colours that can make it easier to match your patio roof with other parts of your home and create overall coherence. These roofs are suitable for use on all types of patio designs, whether they have flat, pitched, convex, concave or skillion roofs,…

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Patio Roofing Options to Consider

Roofs are important features of patios that keep these outdoor areas insulated and safe from adverse weather. Speaking to patio builders about different patio roofing options should make it easier to find the roof best suited to your needs. Importance of patio roofs Patio roofs can make outdoor rooms such as patios and decks into ideal spaces for entertaining guests and relaxing in all weather and temperature conditions. Patio roofs can be as simple as sheet metal or a fabric…

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One Stop Patio Shop Looks at Different Patio Roof Designs

When considering outdoor patio designs, one of the most important features is the roof. Ensuring that you select a style that suits the overall look of your home, while maximising the cover it will provide your outdoor area, is essential. Three popular styles for patio roofs are gable, dome and pyramid, each offering advantages that may better suit your patio, home and garden. Gable Gable roofs are a very popular choice for patio roofs. The gable roof has two angled…

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