If you’re looking for new patio design ideas for your property, skillion patio roofs can create a striking, contemporary impression as well as improve drainage.

Skillion roofs

Skillion roofs are flat roofs commonly used for patios that are higher on one side, creating a distinctive pitch. These patio roofs may be connected to the main roofs of homes at the fascias beneath the gutters, or can be freestanding structures. Skillion patio roofs are most commonly made from metals such as aluminium and steel, due to their light weight and durability. The roofs may feature a reflective underside to avoid heating the patio interior like other roof styles.


Skillion patios can be used for all the functions of normal patios, such as entertaining guests, relaxing or simply to extend the liveable space in your home. The advantage of skillion patios is that their roof style can make them architecturally interesting, helping to add value to your home, and when you install roofing materials such as Colorbond steel or powder coated aluminium, you will be able to choose a skillion patio in a wide range of colours. Skillion patios may be purchased as assembly kits or custom made to ensure greater insulation.

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