Building a patio or deck can create the perfect space for entertaining guests in your home, and considering different patio design ideas could give you inspiration for ways to make your outdoor areas even more versatile.

Abolish The Bugs

This video offers a number of tips for creating an outdoor entertaining area, which is a great way to enjoy the summer in company and get more use out of your garden and outdoor areas. One practical consideration is bugs such as mosquitoes and flies that may be attracted to lights at night or spoil food during the day, and these can be kept at bay by spreading insect repellent around the garden that won’t harm your plants.

Let There Be Light

As your patio or deck will likely be the centre of activities, buying decorative and functional accessories can really bring these areas to life without spoiling their natural outdoor appearance. Lights embedded in pavers can create the ideal ambience and speakers made to resemble rocks won’t intrude on the visual appeal. Other lighting options include tiki lanterns and torches, which can be solar powered for energy efficiency.

Extra Comforts

Making sure everyone gets a seat is also important, and there are many patio furniture options to choose from. If your furniture will be exposed to the elements, you should choose resilient materials such as aluminium that won’t rot or rust in the rain.

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