You can enhance the look of any patio or pergola with creative patio design ideas. This video offers a number of tips for households on getting the most out of their patios, considering both function and aesthetics when installing lighting and decor.

You should first consider what your patio is used for when planning its decor and furnishings. If the building is primarily used for storage or as a functional extension to your living space, it’s wise to choose decor that matches the rest of your home, and this can also help to create greater coherence and add to the home’s value when it comes time to sell.

If you are planning on using your patio as a place to relax though, you should choose lighting and decor that sets the right tone, favouring colours in the green, blue and purple end of the spectrum. Bringing in aspects of the outdoors can greatly enhance the therapeutic qualities of a patio, including well chosen floral decor and wooden furnishings.

Patio lighting is essential for offering a safe and easy path between the patio and main house building, and a subdued and stylish effect can be created by choosing pavers with integrated lighting. Security is another practical aspect that needs to be addressed, and if your patio is attached to your home, you should make sure all entry points are illuminated with the same security lighting as the rest of your property.

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