June and July are typically among the quieter months of the year, along with December and January. However, winter is actually the ideal time to purchase your new patio.

You see, the worst time to buy an air-conditioner is at the start of summer when you’re stinking hot and can’t imagine living another day without one. However, everyone else is thinking the same thing – so let’s consider another option. If you bought your unit in winter, delivery would be faster and you would most likely get it cheaper or on sale during this low retail season.

The same applies for patios! Even though we still sell patios in winter because customers are looking for all-year-round weather protection – especially from the rain, we do experience a drop in sales around tax time. Therefore, it makes good sense to buy during this time.

Leading up to Christmas there is a huge spike in our workload; everyone wants to have their Aussie Christmas dinner with family and friends under a new alfresco dining area. When the weather starts to warm up in November, people start thinking about sun protection over their outdoor entertaining and the phone calls start coming in.

Christmas is stressful enough on its own, let alone adding a home renovation into the mix. So it makes good sense to avoid the pre-Christmas rush and order your new patio now. You will definitely have your patio built sooner and you will most likely save a few dollars as well.

A One Stop Patio Shop patio is a 12-week process from start to completion, allowing six weeks for the assessment and certification process, which we do for you. Buy your patio now and enjoy the benefits of one of our stylish and sturdy patios by spring.

Take action and become one of the smart people by avoiding the Christmas surge – which has been evident the 20 years+ we’ve been in the patio business. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy a tax return, reinvest it into your home to add massive value to your property.

Regards Dean Mckain

(Owner One Stop Patio shop)

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