Flagstone flooring is a great addition to a patio if you are looking for a flooring design other than timber, brick or tiles.

This video offers a step-by-step guide to laying flagstones for a patio, whether these are being dry or wet laid. The three main steps are base preparation, building the base material and laying the flagstones themselves.

When preparing the base, you may need to dig up parts of the patio area to create a level and even surface, moving ground around if there are any noticeable slopes where you are planning to pave. You can then add the base material, which may be in the form of poured concrete for wet lay patios and decking or a granular product such as crushed gravel and other stones for dry laid patios. This will be a permanent structure on top of which your flagstones will lie, and should be compacted and given sufficient time to settle or dry.

The final step is to lay the stones themselves, which should be tightly packed together to avoid leaving holes that can cause drainage issues or lead to trips. Flagstones may be cut to specific sizes depending on your needs, and may be supplied in standard square or rectangular shapes or more irregular, which can be pieced together like a jigsaw.

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