When comparing different patio design ideas for your home, one aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked is your choice of patio doors. If your home opens directly onto a patio or decking, the type of door you install will determine the ease of access to outdoor areas as well as the views available.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors don’t require the outward space of swinging doors, only using about 10 per cent of the space, and can also be a safer option when doors are raised over decks and paths and require stepping down. These doors won’t slam closed in the wind and can be fully secured when shut, so you won’t have to worry about doors opening by themselves.

Retractable doors

Also referred to as bi-fold doors, retractable doors are similar in function to sliding doors, but take up even less space as their design enables the door to be folded in on itself or hidden in recessed cavities. Like patio doors, retractable doors won’t slam shut, and adjustable spring tension means they will never slam when closed with force. Retractable doors are generally better suited to smaller door openings however, whereas sliding doors are well suited to larger widths.

Patio door materials

Choosing durable metal for your patio doors will ensure they’re capable of standing the test of time, with powder coating processes for aluminium and steel meaning you won’t have to repaint the doors every few years.

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