Patios provide entertaining in the warmer months and sanctuary in the cooler months.

Like with cleaning on the inside of our homes, our patio and patio flooring needs some tender, loving care to keep it in tip-top shape.

Spring is generally the common time for large indoor and outdoor cleaning, but did you know there’s different tips to clean your Perth patio for any season?

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Winter patio maintenance and cleaning

Chances are, you’ll probably be using your patio less than warmer months.

Here’s some patio ideas for winter and when your patio isn’t in regular use:

  • Set aside large outdoor furniture and place in a dry and cool area like a garage or shed, and
  • Similarly, set aside smaller outdoor items like coffee tables, pillows and rugs, placing them indoors preferably.

However, if you think patios need to go neglected and unused in winter, it’s time to think again.

Here are 6 patio ideas for winter in Perth you could use to continue the fun in the colder months.


Spring patio maintenance and cleaning

Spring is the ideal time for cleaning the house top to bottom, and that includes your patio.

Now is the time to bring out all the patio furniture you may have put away for winter storage.

But before you do, do this first:

  • Sweep, sweep and sweep any debris from your patio flooring,
  • Use some mild cleanser (like warm soapy water), and get scrubbing,
  • Spray any visible weeds or insects,
  • Consider a pressure washer cleaner for stubborn dirt and patio flooring stains, and
  • If you have decking as your patio flooring, a clear sealing/re-sealing is a great maintenance measure to maintain the look and lifespan of your patio.

Summer outdoor entertaining is almost here!


Summer patio maintenance and cleaning

Summer has arrived and that’s your Perth patio’s best friend.

You may think it’s impossible to keep on top of patio maintenance and cleaning during your patio’s popular season, but it’s not.

Here’s some maintenance and cleaning patio ideas for summer:

  • Remove those pesky weeds,
  • Inspect for any potential damage such as rotting, and
  • Keep up the regular spray and wipes for guests, outdoor activities and lazy summer weekends.

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Autumn patio maintenance and cleaning

Autumn is the season just before the winter chills hit and the sunshine fades away.

While the weather is still agreeable, here’s some patio ideas for autumn cleaning and maintenance:

  • Trim trees, bushes and plants in nearby proximity,
  • Keep on top of fallen leaves and other outdoor debris,
  • Give your patio roof a rinse with high pressure water cleaner. Be mindful to avoid using harsh chemicals if you have an insulated patio roof.
  • Check for patio nasties like mould growth, particularly in damp or humid sections.

Get a head start before the winter chills set in.


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