Skillion patio

Do you enjoy outdoor entertaining all year long? Perhaps a lazy Sunday brunch at home, or a quiet outdoor afternoon coffee?

With Patios Perth, there’s a range of different shapes and sizes suitable to your space and budget.

Read more from One Stop Patio Shop to find the best Patio in Perth for your size and budget.

Gable Patios

These Patio Perth designs are great for the Australian summer and add a seamless extension to your outdoor living space.

A Gable Patio is a popular roof design that increases:

  • Light,
  • Ventilation, and

Your One Stop Patio Shop can design and install a Gable Patio that complements your existing building structure.

Dome Patios

Add value to your property with a Dome Patio.

A Dome Patio in Perth:

  • Is modern and stylish,
  • Allows ambient light to flow through,
  • Provides superior protection to the Australian climate,
  • Provides cooler outdoor temperatures for entertaining.

Customisable in shapes and sizes, a Dome Patio in Perth is a serious contender for your outdoor entertaining area.

Skillion Patios

A skillion roof patio consists of a flat roof with a pitch or slant.

A Perth skillion patio is available in:

  • Standard,
  • Flyover,
  • Butterfly, or
  • Reverse skillion.

Your One Stop Patio Shop will customise the shape and style of your new skillion patio.

Alfresco Patios

Extend your outdoor living space with an alfresco Patio in Perth to entertain every day of the year.

Flexibile and modern, with sizes and shapes to fit your needs – an alfresco patio is a beautiful choice for your Patio Perth design and installation.

Flat Roof Patios

Are you after a popular Patio Perth design that’s uncluttered and cost-effective?

Then look no further than a smooth, high-gloss patio. A flat roof patio is:

  • Ideal for outdoor entertaining,
  • Insulated, and
  • Boasts strength and durability.

Design and build your own flat roof patio with your One Stop Patio Shop.

SolarSpan Patios

With our dry and hot climate, it’s wise to choose a Patio in Perth that reduces heat.

A SolarSpan Patio:

  • Provides broad protection against UV rays,
  • Prevents condensation (for a patio that looks better for longer),
  • Is strong enough to climb on to retrieve Frisbees and footballs, and
  • Made from 100% Colorbond steel.

Pyramid Hip Roof Patios

Create your very own backyard sanctuary with a Pyramid Hip-style Patio in Perth.

This style will be the envy of your neighbourhood and should be designed and installed by expert Perth patio builders.

Timber Patios

Timber makes an attractive impression for interior design, so why not exterior design, too?

Sourced from sustainable wood, and already stained, buffed and sanded, this Patio Perth design requires almost no maintenance!


A carport should match the overall style of your house or commercial building.

Your One Stop Patio Shop will work with you to design and build a carport to suit your shape, size and budget.

Fall in love with outdoor entertaining again with a patio in all different shapes and sizes. Trust your Perth Patio Professionals to help you find the outdoor entertaining solutions for you.No job is too big or small, and you’ll be surprised with how your outdoor space will be maximised.

Want to learn more about Patios in Perth? Contact your One Stop Patio Shop today to see how a patio can do wonders for your backyard.


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