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If you have a great patio, you’ll be wanting to spend as much time out there as possible this summer. But, if this summer is going to be anything like last summer—where we saw a record-breaking 11 days above 40 °C—it can sometimes feel too hot to spend time out of the AC. 

There are ways to keep your patio cool though, and plenty of One Stop Patio Shop customers are still able to use their patios even during those sweltering Perth summer days. For example, our customers that have a SolarSpan patio installed don’t feel the heat as much. There are other tips and tricks that can help to keep the extreme heat at bay too. So let’s get into it—here’s how to keep your patio cool this summer! 

 #1 Install some fans 

Except for the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, outdoor AC isn’t really a thing yet. But outdoor fans definitely are. Fans help to keep air circulating, and no matter how hot it is, any amount of airflow is good for cooling things down. Not only do fans create a cooling breeze, but they also help to keep bugs away like flies and mozzies. 

You can install ceiling fans during the construction of your patio if you don’t already have one. Or if the patio’s already up, you may be able to add ceiling fans if the roof material is suitable. Failing that, freestanding fans are inexpensive and do the job just as well. 

 #2 Install a patio roof 

All of our complete patio designs at One Stop Patio Shop are roofed patios. Any sort of roof will provide shade for your patio, and being in the shade is obviously cooler than being in the sun. But not all types of roofs are created equal in terms of heat penetration. 

Thin, one-layer aluminium or polycarbonate roofs don’t offer much in the way of cooling properties. If using your patio at the height of summer is a top priority for you, we recommend our customers opt for a SolarSpan or timber-lined patio roof. Both of these materials offer insulation.  

Isn’t insulation for keeping things hot, not cool? Insulation can do both. An insulated roof provides resistance to heat flow. The Perth sun is hot, while the shade under the patio roof is cooler—an insulated patio roof helps to stop that transfer of the sun’s heat to the space below it. For optimal cooling properties, we recommend our SolarSpan patios. 


Is an insulated roof better than a non-insulated roof? 


#3 Location, location, location 

If you’re yet to build your patio, you’ll want to carefully consider its location before it starts going up. Where does the sun hit in your garden? If you want to have the coolest patio possible, choose a spot that already gets the most shade. One Stop Patio Shop can offer guidance on this when they come to do your free onsite consultation.  

#4 Use patio umbrellas 

If you’re not ready to invest in a patio roof, umbrellas are a cost-conscious alternative. A plus of patio umbrellas is that they’re freestanding, so you can adjust them throughout the day as the direction of the sun changes. 

#5 Install patio blinds 

Unless the time is bang on noon, your roofed patio won’t be entirely shaded. That’s where patio blinds come in. These blinds can be installed around the roof to provide additional shade. One Stop Patio Shop offers a range of types and styles of blinds. 

Some blinds still allow for good airflow, meaning you block out the sun but don’t create an environment that locks in heat. The best thing about patio blinds is that you can roll them back up again when you don’t need them. 

#6 Try a misting system 

A patio misting system can instantly enhance your comfort level. These systems work by spraying a super fine mist of water around the patio. The mist isn’t enough to dampen your clothes or furniture, but it does drastically cool you and the patio down. 

#7 Get a pergola 

As an alternative to a standard patio roof, you could opt for a pergola. Pergolas are traditionally constructed using timber but can also use steel. Pergolas are generally semi-open structures, so they will allow some sunlight through, but our customers usually install pergolas with the plan in mind to grow vines and hang plants on them. 

So eventually, after your plants have matured, you could have a completely shaded patio. Growing plants above your patio can also help to cool down your patio since plants have their own built-in cooling systems. 

#8 Get a load of plants 

As just mentioned, plants help to cool down the space around them. They do this through a process called transpiration. When the surrounding environment (your patio) heats up, the plants will release excess water into the air from their leaves. The evaporated water they release cools down the environment around them. Not only do plants cool down your patio, but they look great too.

#9 Build a pool 

Ok, this one is a big investment. But the payoffs are that you have access to the ideal cooling-off spot and you increase the value of your home. Oftentimes, building a pool more than pays for itself when you consider the increased home value (just like building a patio!). 

Even when you’re not actually in the pool, just the presence of the pool can help to cool things down since the water will be constantly evaporating in the sun and cooling down the surrounding air. And if building a pool isn’t an option, you could also pick up an inexpensive kiddie pool! 

#10 Install a patio bar 

Picture it now: relaxing out on the patio with an ice-cold drink. A patio bar makes this all too easy, and they’re great for entertaining—you don’t have to be constantly heading back and forth from the kitchen. 

#11 Use a cooler 

As an inexpensive alternative to a patio bar, bring a cooler out on the patio with you. Fill it with ice and pop in your beers or soft drinks. An ice-cold bevvy will never fail to cool you down even on the hottest of summer days. Tip: freezing water balloons to use as big ice cubes (that you can reuse) for the cooler is usually easier than constantly buying or making little ice cubes.

#12 Lay down rugs 

Bear with us here—rugs won’t make your patio hotter but they will stop you from burning your feet on any parts of the floor that aren’t shaded. You can find outdoor/all-weather rugs to use on your patio or just use an old one you don’t mind getting faded in the sun. 

#13 Choose the right paint/patio colours 

Pale colours reflect more sunlight, limiting how hot the material can become in the sun. It’s always a good idea to choose a white or pale-coloured patio roof or to paint an existing patio with these colours. 

#14 Use an outdoor evaporative cooler 

Evaporative coolers work by sucking in the hot outside air—this water passes over water soaked-pads causing the water to evaporate which cools the air down. This refreshingly cooled air is then blown back out. You can find evaporative coolers in all manner of shapes and sizes. 

Some evaporative coolers are only designed to work indoors though—so be careful to choose one that can be used on your patio. An evaporative cooler can cool down semi-outdoor spaces by around 3 degrees. While this might not sound like a lot, if you point the cooler directly at you, you’ll feel the benefits a lot more. 

#15 Build a water feature 

If you’re not yet ready to invest in a pool, a water feature might be the solution. As mentioned, any body of water will help to cool down the surrounding air because as the water evaporates, the air is cooled. A water feature near, or even on, your patio will have cooling properties as well as offer the tranquil sound of cascading water and visually enhance your patio. 


There are so many ways for you to cool down your patio. With no end in sight for the sweltering summers we’ve been having the past few years, it’s crucial you know how to bring the temperature down out on the patio if you wish to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest.  

Plenty of One Stop Patio Shop customers still love to use their patios even on the hottest of summer days. With our patio design, Perth in the summer is still patio weather! Our SolarSpan roof material prevents much of the sun’s heat from reaching the patio, and by mounting ceiling fans, having chilled drinks on tap, installing a misting system, and trying some of the other tips mentioned, your patio becomes the ideal spot to relax through the summer.  

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