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An insulated Perth patio roof is a smart and practical outdoor addition to your home.


Insulating your home isn’t just understandable, but also necessary. Insulation is essential to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, even when it’s too cold outside. But is it necessary to insulate open spaces? Even if you don’t experience extreme weather, it might be worth considering insulation.

You might ask, “Why would I insulate outdoor space? I don’t want to trap heated air during summer or cold air in winter.”

This is because insulation works in both directions. A patio with an insulated roof will retain heat better than a thin aluminium roof will. This will make your patio even more comfortable.


Why Choose a Patio Cover?


Perth patios don’t always have to be covered. There are many patio spaces that can be left open. However, there are certain benefits to covering your Perth outdoor patio space with a specialised patio cover.

The shelter is often the most important reason. A patio cover will not only keep you dry in the case of rain, but it will also provide a place to relax in the hot sun. Shade can be very beneficial when the summer heat is high.

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What are the main differences between non-insulated and insulated patio covers?


The biggest difference is the temperature; however, this can vary depending on where you live. An insulated cover can prevent direct sunlight and heat from reaching your patio area, which will keep it cooler during high temperatures.

Some patio covers only require a top. This can set the temperature of your patio. Insulated covers usually have more than one top. This helps with temperature control.

Also, the surface where the cover must be placed is different. For patio covers that are insulated, it is necessary to have a solid surface. Non-insulated patio covers require the same surface as insulated ones, but they have more versatility. Non-insulated patio covers can be fitted with lattice, which makes it easier to match designs and aesthetics.


An insulated patio roof will:


  • Look better
  • Increase the value
  • Keep you in touch with nature
  • Shade completely
  • Channel drainage to prevent it from splattering and shedding rain
  • Avoid heat reaching the patio through the roof
  • Cover the electrical cabling for ceiling fans and ceiling lights


Insulated Roofing for a High-End Look


Insulated roofs often look sturdier because they are! An insulated aluminium patio roof uses aluminium-clad foam panels. The panels range from 3 to 6 inches thick and this is not only at the edges of a pan roof but across the entire panel.

Pan roofs have a more unfinished appearance as the pan roof sections are either corrugated to increase rigidity or creased. They can also be painted or left unfinished. The insulated panels of a high-quality patio roof have a factory-finished aluminium face on both the top and bottom of each panel. This ensures that your patio view is clear and uncluttered, whether you are standing or sitting on it. This finish is the same 3-millimetre powder coat you see on the framing members.

Insulated patio roofing has a more durable, finished appearance than pan roofing. This means that insulated roofs will retain more of their value.


Keep in Touch with the Outdoors

An insulated roof will allow you to feel as though you are outdoors, but much cooler than in the sun. The sides of the roof are open so that you can see the garden and grass and smell the flowers.


Deep Shade Keeps You Cool


A fully insulated roof provides complete and deep shading. Shades reduce patio temperatures because concrete pads are not used as heat sinks. The patio will feel 10-15 degrees cooler even though the air outside may be the same temperature, but it will still feel the same as if it was exposed to the sun. Furthermore, heat won’t radiate through insulated roofing panels like it would through non-insulated aluminium roofing.


Solid roofs protect from rain


An insulated roof is strong from the front to the back and sides once it has been properly assembled. Insulated roofing panels connect, and joints are sealed to prevent leaks. An insulated roof will drain the rainwater and channel it into the drainage system at the end caps. The gutter system, although stylishly concealed, is extremely effective in preventing water splatters down below.


Hide Electrical Lines


The panels of insulated patio roofs can be used to conceal and safely carry electrical lines. This means that your contractor can run electrical lines to a ceiling fan, ceiling light, or other device, but you won’t be able to see them as much as on a wooden structure. It’s easy to connect the lines to a switch. Remote-controlled fans and lights are a convenient option.

Ground-fault outlets can also be installed to power outdoor fridges, slow cookers, hot plates, and phone/laptop charging devices.


Increase Resale Value


You might not be thinking of selling your home now. But when the time comes, it is reassuring to know that you can sell it at a desirable value. A great way to add value to your home is with an insulated patio.

For the right buyer, having an aesthetically pleasing Perth outdoor patio area that creates a space for socialising and family get-togethers can be extremely valuable.


The Drawbacks of Insulated Patio Roofs


You may have limited options when it comes to colour choices. Aluminium patio roofs can be purchased in white, off-white or beige. They rarely come in tones that are like stained wood.

Sometimes, your council will require that a patio roof be made of wood. Wood will cost more than aluminium insulated and have less insulation.

Finally, is the cost. Insulated aluminium roof panels are approximately 30% more expensive than thin aluminium pan roofing. Once you experience the comfort of an insulated roof, however, you will be convinced that it is worth upgrading to insulated roofing panels.



Overall, a patio is a great way to maximise your outdoor living experience. The cost of having insulated patio roofing may be higher, but it’s worth investing in so you can enjoy a full outdoor living experience. They keep the space much cooler and help keep the sun from penetrating. Additionally, you can run wiring into the patio discreetly and protect your furniture.

However, if you are on a budget, non-insulated patio roofing is still a great option. It delivers protection and shade, even if it doesn’t come with the same temperature control. They also tend to come in more design options, giving you greater versatility.

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