Insulation – it’s great for keeping us warm and cosy in our homes, particularly in the chilly months.

However, is insulation really necessary for outdoor, open spaces? Particularly in our beautiful, temperate state of Western Australia?

Today at One Stop Patio Shop, we’re talking about insulated roofing for Perth patios.

Read more to find out if they’re really worth it.


What is insulated roofing?

Patios are a staple for many Perth residents, providing a great outdoor entertaining space for celebrations and adding an extra room or sanctuary.

Rain, hail or shine – Perth patios are a functional treat for all weather.

So why would it need insulated roofing?

What many homeowners fail to realise is insulation works both ways, to keep heat in and heat out when required. Let’s have a look at the benefits of insulated roofing for Perth patios.


Insulated roofing provides cooler shade and connection

Insulated roofing on Perth patios provide shade in the warmer months, preventing concrete pads from overheating. Thus, allowing your patio to become a cool outdoor retreat, away from the sun.

A gentle breeze, a gorgeous garden view and the smell of the outdoors – there’s an undeniable outdoor connection, without heat discomfort, from a patio with insulated roofing.


Insulated roofing looks better and protects greater

Generally speaking, insulated roofing on patios look more finished and refined than uninsulated ones.

This is particularly true if you choose expert Perth patio builders at One Stop Patio Shop for insulated roofing patio installation.

Your insulated roof patio will:

  • Look more attractive, neat and uncluttered,
  • Be more durable and weather efficient, and
  • Likely raise the value of your home.

Also, insulating roofing on patios safely conceal your patio ceiling lights and fans.

Say goodbye to potential extreme heat damage of wiring and cords with the beauty and functionality of insulated patio roofs.


Is it worth getting insulated roofing?

Insulated roofing will probably set you back a bit more than a standard patio, but it’s an investment to make to enjoy a full outdoor living experience, season after season, year after year.

Made from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Stainless steel,
  • Fibreglass, or
  • Aluminium, installing insulated roofing for your Perth patio is a straightforward, simple process.

Preventing not only heat, but condensation and overall weather protection, insulated roofing ensures an outdoor space that’s satisfying, comfortable and of the highest quality.


Everything Patios Perth

At One Stop Patio Shop, we use SolarSpan as the insulated roofing product of choice for its excellent heat-reduction properties.

Suited to a number of our Perth patio designs such as flat roof and gable patios, SolarSpan is made from 100% Australian Colorbond steel, that’s durable and strong, functional and incredibly stylish.

Ask us for a fast, free quote to see how an insulated roof for your patio will change the way you relax and entertain outside your home or business.


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