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How to Identify and Create the Perfect Patio for You

A patio truly can transform an outdoor area. Whether it’s a country cottage, an urban oasis or suburban sanctuary. If you’re thinking of building one in your backyard, you may wonder what the perfect patio is for you and your needs.

Interested to find out about the different patio designs and discovering the best patio for you?

Read more from the patios Perth specialists at One Stop Patio Shop to find out.

Create The Perfect Patio


Identify how you will use your patio

To help you identify and construct the perfect patio, you will need to think about a few things first.

Consider the below when it comes to designing your Perth patio:

  • Do you want your patio to create a seamless transition between house and garden?
  • Do you want your Perth patio to encompass a sunny spot or be completely shaded?
  • Would you prefer paving, wooden decking or concrete for your patio floor?
  • Will your patio be large enough to have outdoor furniture without looking cramped?
  • Will it house an outdoor kitchen?
  • Will it be used by children? Is it safe and secure enough for their use, and
  • Of course, will your prime usage be for personal relaxation or entertaining?

Read on to find the best patio design for your needs.

Flat patios

Flat patios are a great way to weatherproof an outdoor area, between carports and front doors or down the side of homes. However, they’re often too hot to successfully entertain under.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we’re often tasked with turning flat patios into more effective and popular gable patios with our Perth patio renovation services.

Gable patios

Gable Patio In Perth

Gable patios are an increasingly popular design, proving the perfect choice for many Perth homes.


  • They increase light, ventilation and space within a Perth patio,
  • Their high ceilings (an 18-degree pitch) are fantastic for reducing the heat in the Australian climate, and
  • Are well suited to both classic and contemporary home exterior designs.

It’s these features which may make a gable Perth patio, the perfect patio for many homes, maybe yours as well.

Dome patios

Dome Patio In Perth

A dome patio, expertly crafted, and custom made by the patios Perth specialists may just be what you’re looking for.


  • The translucent material allows ambient, diffused light into your outdoor space.
  • This style is fantastic for contemporary looks featuring concrete rendered walls with its curved roof appeal.

Visit our patio showroom in Perth to see what a dome patio looks like and find out if it’s the right choice for you.

Skillion patios

Skillion Patio In Perth

Skillion patios take amazing advantage of your property layout due to its slanted design.

Could it be the Perth patio design for you?

Alfresco patios

An alfresco patio seamlessly blends the indoor with the outdoor. It’s a popular choice that provides flexibility in design and adds value to any home.

This option is a serious contender for the year-round outdoor entertainer!

Your Perth patio specialists

Identified the perfect Perth patio for you? Now it’s time to add the finishing touches such as cafe and outdoor blinds, lighting and flooring.

Choose One Stop Patio Shop to help you with all your Perth patio advice, products and installation.

Visit our Perth patio showroom to see what your future patio could look like.

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