For many of us, our pets are rightful, respected and loved members of our family.

So, just as we childproof our homes for our children, it’s important to create a safe, optimised outdoor space for furry family members, too.

Not sure where and how to start?

Read more from the team who know everything patios Perth at One Stop Patio Shop on how to ensure a pet friendly patio.

Create a shaded area

Hats, sunscreen and sunglasses just isn’t a good idea for our furry friends. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t find other ways to protect them from the harsh Perth heat.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Plant trees that will provide adequate shade for pets to sit under,
  • Ensure readily accessible fresh water to keep ‘em cool, and/or
  • Consider patio roofing materials that will keep the hot heat out.

Shade for your pet (and yourself) is made easy with the help of a patio builder Perth specialist.

Got a cat? Consider a Catio

A Catio, or a ‘cat patio’ is a safe, secure and specially built outdoor enclosure for your pet, most often for cats. While dogs are more easily kept secure on properties with high fences, cats are definitely nimbler, however both cats and dogs could benefit from the extra security of a Catio.

Here’s more about Catio’s:

  • They’re customisable in size, length and designs to suit your outdoor space,
  • They can be freestanding enclosures or added to existing patios,
  • They can be accessed through window, doggy door or patio.

You could DIY your own Catio or get a cat enclosure business to install the whole kit and caboodle.

Know the plants that are and aren’t pet friendly

Unfortunately, some plants, flowers and shrubs are hazardous or even deadly to cats and dogs.

It’s best you know and plan now, rather than find out the hard way. This goes for indoor plants, too.

For cats, AVOID:

  • Lilies,
  • Daffodils,
  • Tulips, and
  • Aloe Vera.

Safer alternatives include:

  • Catmint,
  • Cat grass,
  • Bamboo, and

For dogs, AVOID:

  • Daffodils,
  • Oleander,
  • Tulips, and

Safer alternatives include:

  • Windmill palms,
  • Purple basil,
  • Snapdragons, and

A safe backyard landscape is very possible if you do your research prior to planting and letting your cats and dogs explore their outdoor territory.

Let’s recap the must-haves for pet friendly backyards:

  • Adequate shade,
  • A safe and secure outdoor enclosure if necessary,
  • Access to fresh water, and
  • Pet-friendly plants, flowers and shrubs.

A patio builder Perth team ensuring pet-friendly patios

Everybody deserves to enjoy the backyard this summer and all-year round, from human family to furry family members.

Let your kids, cats and dogs run around freely, happily and safely, knowing that you’ve done everything you can to help them enjoy your backyard.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we can advise on and utilise pet-friendly materials (such as clean finishes, and cool flooring) when building or renovating your existing patio.

Find out more about everything from the right patio builder Perth team who take every family member into account.

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