A granny flat is a secondary dwelling within your Perth property that is compact and functional. Although it comes with the elderly name, a granny flat is made with stylish and contemporary design features. Furthermore, they can be a great return on investment.

Several years ago, the purpose of granny flats was to solely allow extended families to live together permanently. However, nowadays, granny flats are used for all kinds of visitors and as a secondary source of income.

If you’re contemplating building a custom granny flat in Perth, here are some of the best and most common reasons people choose to do so!


Have a place to keep your visiting family close, but not too close!

Are extended family coming over to visit? Then a granny flat can be the ideal accommodation for them. With the demand for accommodation at an all-time high, having a granny flat installed for loved ones to visit is perfect. You get to enjoy your privacy, and they get to enjoy theirs, all while residing in the same compound! Perfect. At One Stop Patio Shop, our flexible designs will allow you to keep your family close…but not too close! We ensure your guests are empowered to maintain their independence.


It’s 2021, working from home is the near black

Are you sick of the daily commute, but at the same time you know you need to get out of the house? Why not get a granny flat home office? That strikes the delicious balance of both worlds! Talk about a win-win.


A granny flat can be a great investment for earning rental income!

Are you a big fan of your suburb, land and location? Then why not share the love? Boost your monthly revenue by renting out your granny flat to tenants or Airbnb goers! Alternatively, you can rent out your main house by moving into your granny flat. The options are endless!


Having a granny flat can assist with the mortgage

Increased interest rates and tougher lending policies by banks are becoming more common. As a result, home loans are harder to maintain for many West Aussies. This is where granny flats are a growing trend! Granny flats are a lot cheaper to build than buying a new investment property and the income generated can help pay off the home loan you have at hand! The extra rental income helps to alleviate the pressure of mortgage repayments, and you might even pay off your home sooner!


Property value will increase!

Did you know that a granny flat can add some serious capital value to your property! That definitely makes it something to consider. By adding a second house to your property you can increase the value of your property by up to 20%!


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