Quality Gable Patio In Perth

Gable Patios have grown in popularity hugely over the last 10 years or so. They offer the head reduction and ventilation benefits that other patios can’t, and the designs are classic. Here at One Stop Patio Shop, we provide a range of Gable Patio options with high rooves that are ideal for the summer climate here in Perth. We’ll help you find a design that suits your home and outdoor space. Find out more about Gable Patios and their advantages below.

What Are Gable Patios?

Gable Patios are designed with a pitch that’s usually around 18-degrees. This kind of roof above your patio helps to increase light in the space, while also allowing for better ventilation. They’re great for a wide variety of outdoor uses and they’re particularly appealing to people looking to reduce heat in their patio area during hot Perth summers.

Here at One Stop Patio Shop, we can design a unique Gable Patio that works for you and meets your needs. We understand what it takes to choose the right materials and design features that’ll make using the patio better and more enjoyable for you and your family. It’ll help you to open your outdoor space and make it more liveable.

Which Homeowners and Spaces do They Suit Best?

So, who should choose a Gable Patio for their outdoor space? Well, first, they’re ideal for people looking for a patio design that’s classic and timeless. They add a real touch of glass to your outdoor space and enable you to do more with that space throughout the year. They create an ambience that many other patio options can’t compete with.

If you have a home that suits the gable roof style, the patio can almost become an extension of your home. This makes using them natural and easy and you’ll quickly come to see the patio as a key aspect of your living space. Most outdoor spaces suit Gable Patios because they’re very versatile.

The Advantages of Gable Patios

The high roof provided by gable patios make them idea at reducing heat in your patio area. This is obviously something that we here in the Perth, Australia care about a lot. It’s vital to contend with the climate in order to create a usable patio space that your family will enjoy spending time in during the hottest weeks and months of summer.

Here at One Stop Patio Shop, we can create a design that works for the style and scale of your home. Therefore, they’re great for a variety of homes and that versatility is a definite advantage. The high roof and the pitch of the gable style roof let plenty of natural light into the space as well.

If you’re interested in having a Gable Patio created on your property, we can help make that happen for you. One Stop Patio Shop is the only company you need to come to when you’re looking for patios in Perth. Get in touch to talk to a member of our team today or request a free quote for the work.


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