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Are you fed up of indoor entertaining, or perhaps your indoor space is becoming a bit too overcrowded?

A patio may just be what you’re looking for to add value to your home and increase space. It’s time you enjoy the Fremantle Doctor under and in a newly-construction Perth patio.

However, don’t go into buying a patio, blindly. There’s many things to think about from budget to style, to functionality.

Read more from One Stop Patio Shop for everything you need to know before buying a Perth patio.

 The benefits of a Perth patio

An outdoor space at the rear of a home, covered on-top but not closed in by walls is the common understanding of patios. In Australia and Perth, our temperate climate makes Perth patio installation attractive to homeowners.

Patios are an investment for many reasons, here’s a handful of them:

  • Enhances and maximises outdoor space,
  • Adds value to your home for future sale,
  • Perth patios get you outside and enjoying the outdoors, and
  • They’re multi-functional for entertaining guests and securing some alone time.

Your Patio Perth professionals at One Stop Patio Shop can inform you on the styles, maintenance and installation of Perth patios. But before the you purchase a patio, there’s some factors to consider.

 What you need to know before a Perth patio purchase

Yes, patios add value to homes and yes, they’re ideal for outdoor entertaining, but you shouldn’t buy just any patio on these factors alone. Here’s what to consider before a Perth patio purchase:

  • Is your site level?

A level ground is the ideal for a patio. A sloping backyard may need more consideration such as grading the soil and reworking the existing landscape surrounding.

  • How will your Perth patio be utilised?

Will your patio be used for endless summer entertaining? An area for kids to play and birthday parties to be held, an outdoor dining area for family occasions, tranquil downtime – or all four? This could mean an in-built barbecue facility addition, added power outlets and other strategic design considerations.

  • Building permits – what are they?

The location of your home, the size of the patio, the materials used, and the costs involved may be subject to local building requirements. Generally, a sizeable patio with a roof needs a permit, as well as a heritage suburb and a complete freestanding patio addition.

Reach out to your local council to understand the potential building permits involved.

 The experts in Patios Perth

When it comes to patio design and installation, you could attempt DIY, or you could call your Patio Perth installation professionals.

A DIY patio job is risky business, and you may not have the expertise or knowledge of building codes to construct a patio.

One Stop Patio Shop are fully qualified tradespeople to advise, design and install all things Patios Perth. For everything you need to know when buying a patio, your One Stop Patio Shop has it all under the one roof.

Need more information about patios in Perth? Contact One Stop Patio Shop today for all your patio ideas, expertise and installation to secure the perfect Perth patio for you.



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