Checking Your Deck

Patios add value to houses and increase the space for outdoor entertaining and activities. While there’s many styles of patios in Perth, the choice of patio flooring is also a big decision to make.

From your budget to intended use, concrete, wooden decking, paving and tiles all bring different appeal to Perth patios.

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The considerations behind Perth patio flooring

Patio budget

Be realistic about what you can afford. The costs of patio flooring will vary on the materials used. Also, consider:

  • Is the patio flooring combined with a brand-new patio installation in Perth?
  • Is the patio flooring part of an existent patio that’s being renovated?
  • What are the maintenance requirements for the patio flooring you choose?

Patio purpose

What is your Perth patio going to be used for?

  • Balmy summer evening entertaining with family and friends?
  • An outdoor retreat for a cuppa, a good book and some me time?
  • Or anything and everything in between.

Patio flooring should factor in your style and lifestyle needs.

For example, if you want style then perhaps timber or tile, if there’s children now or in the future, concrete can withstand the wear and tear and is strong and safe enough for children to play on.

Concrete patio flooring

Concrete is making a comeback in interior and outdoor design.

The benefits of concrete patio flooring are it’s:

  • Highly stylish finish,
  • Hardwearing, strong and durable,
  • Low maintenance, and
  • Low price.

With only simple sweeping and the occasional hose down, this patio flooring material is ideal for homeowners on a budget and still in the market for patio flooring that exudes style and functionality.


Decking patio flooring

Wooden decking complements many Perth patios, and it’s not hard to see why.

For the real deal, people go for timber decking, but composite decking provides a similar finish as an affordable alternative.

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Paved and tiled patio flooring

Brick paving is an excellent Perth patio flooring idea, because it enable variety in design, colours and patterns.

While seemingly the more expensive option, brick counterbalances this by being the most durable, long-lasting patio flooring option available.

After more creative control with your Perth patio? Natural stone and porcelain tiles will give you just that. Tiled patio flooring enables:

  • A diversity in design, colours, patterns and sizes,
  • Low-maintenance – just an occasional sweep and mop.

However, tiles aren’t always the safest option for children, due to their slipperiness when wet.

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