SolarSpan…must have something to do with the sun, right? Well, yes! A SolarSpan patio is an exciting new product available from patio Perth professionals at One Stop Patio Shop.

With a multitude of benefits, made from high-quality materials – SolarSpan patios are proving to be a popular choice for the people who want luxury without the high price tag.

Interested to know what they’re all about? Read on to find out.

What is a SolarSpan patio?

Hot off the press and an innovative patio, a SolarSpan patio is delivered proudly by Bondor, leaders in thermal building solutions.

A SolarSpan patio is:

  • Insulation wrapped in Colorbond steel,
  • Manufactured with a high-quality 3-layer system,
  • Australian-made,
  • Guaranteed by a 10-year written warranty, and
  • Affordable as it is simple and attractive.

There are so many benefits to SolarSpan patios and they’re proving a crowd favourite for the people and homes of Perth.

The benefits of a SolarSpan patio

Apart from the high-quality materials used and the craft and ingenuity behind a SolarSpan patio, what makes them so attractive?

Let’s take a look:

  • A SolarSpan patio blocks heat.

With a high performing polystyrene core, this patio design provides efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort for users.

  • Saves money and adds value

A SolarSpan patio is so straightforward in patio design and installation, saving build time and therefore money. Breathe new life into your home and add equity into it for the future.

  • Noise reduction

Rain, hail or shine – that’s the beauty and comfort that a Perth patio affords us. Did you know a SolarSpan patio actually reduces the noise from hail and rain?

  • Strong and durable

Lost a tennis ball? Undertaking maintenance? This patio design is so strong and durable, you can safely walk on it! This is thanks to two layers of steel laminated to a solid polystyrene core.

  • Versatile design

Not just for Perth patios! A SolarSpan patio works seamlessly well on enclosed extensions, carports and a variety of other outdoor shaded structures.

  • Year-round comfort

January to December, from dawn to dusk, to midnight – this patio design provides endless and effortless comfort because of its insulated build.

Are you ready to start living the SolarSpan benefits?

 Why One Stop Patio Shop for Patios Perth?

One Stop Patio Shop are the experts for all thing’s patios Perth. We work and have worked with and for many Perth residences and businesses to provide the best patio designs, installation and maintenance based on their needs.

At One Stop Patio Shop, we provide:

  • Free quotes
  • Fast, friendly and reliable service, and
  • A range of patio designs (SolarSpan being a great option for flat roof and gable patio designs).

We recommend SolarSpan patios for anyone who wants protection from the suns damaging rays and year-round comfort outdoors.

What we love about SolarSpan patios is their thoughtful design, functionality and durability with no compromise on beauty and style.

Ready for a SolarSpan patio at your place? Contact One Stop Patio Shop today for a free quote and a complete service from the patio Perth professionals.


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