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Winter is coming, so it’s time to prepare your Perth patio for the colder months.


In the winter, we will find most Aussies more homebound than usual. But being at home does not mean you have to stay inside. You can easily upgrade your outdoor space by using these winter patio design ideas. 

Our goal is to create a space for entertaining, relaxing, and eating that feels as warm as your home. Winter is all about that feeling of cosiness. 

One Stop Patio Shop shares our winter patio design ideas that will make your outdoor space feel more inviting, even when the weather isn’t. 


Improve your Lighting


Do not let the earlier sunsets dim your outdoor opportunities. 

Three functions are fulfilled by installing lights in your outdoor space: 

  • It creates a lovely ambience on your Perth flat patio and makes it look more inviting. 
  • It emphasises aesthetic elements of your patio, such as the walkway and the landscape. 
  • It increases the safety of your home, particularly when you are relaxing on your patio at night. 

You can extend your outdoor lounging hours with improved lighting. For an aesthetic effect, you might consider string lights, solar patio lights, and lamps. You won’t be paying high utility bills if your lighting fixtures are efficient. 

You can create a new mood with lanterns or candles. They add a warm glow and a relaxed atmosphere. 


Incorporate Warmth


The cold weather outside is the main reason you want to stay indoors during winter. Try and make your enclosed outdoor space like the indoors, and then there is no reason to be stuck inside the whole season. You can improve your Perth flat patio by installing insulated roofing panels. This will reduce warm air loss and prevent cold air from entering. A heater or fireplace can be used to create a warm environment in your Perth pergola. 


Get your Garden Ready


Clean out all the hanging baskets and flower pots. You can either move any cold-sensitive plants to a warm greenhouse or indoors. 

Clear out your gutters if they are positioned on top of your Perth pergola. It can lead to icy spots, making it difficult to clean up after a storm. 

Remove leaves and other debris to avoid winter stains. Make sure to reach all corners and crevices where leaves could accumulate. You can finish by hosing down your patio. But make sure you don’t use a pressure washer, as the spray can damage the joints and pavers. 

Fill in any gaps around your patio. Look around the perimeter of your garden or lawn around your patio. Any area where the soil has been eroded can cause water to pool or freeze and could potentially cause damage to your patio. Backfill all crevices with soil to prevent this. 


Safeguard Your Outdoor Furniture


Winter shouldn’t ruin outdoor furniture. Check to see if the items are weather-or water-resistant. If they are not, you can store or cover them for the remainder of the season. 

Furniture made from weather-resistant materials like wood should be maintained properly to ensure its durability throughout the year. Here are some ways to do it: 

  • Sealants are used to protect wood furniture. 
  • Use enamel paint and a rust-resistant primer to coat iron furniture. 
  • Protect wicker furniture with a clean varnish. 
  • Scotchgard fabric furniture can be used to repel water and stains. 

Wind can cause havoc in winter by blowing dirt and other debris into the cushions, making it more difficult to clean them later. Take out accessories such as lanterns, candles or other decorative items. 


Clean BBQs and Equipment


Cleaning and covering appliances that won’t be used over the winter will help extend their life span. Traditional grills, egg-shaped grills, brick ovens, and open cooktops can all be degreased and swept clean of ash and food bits to discourage critters from finding their way in and wreaking havoc. Fridges and ice makers should be emptied of food, beverages, and ice. Remove any dirt and dust from the vents. 


Purchase Ceiling to Floor Shades


There will be times in winter when you want to spend some time under your Perth pergola, but the wind chill will stop you from enjoying your outdoor space. Therefore, your solution to reducing wind chill is by installing ceiling-to floor blinds on your patio. 

You can also use the shades in spring and summer, which is another benefit of this idea. It’s also a clever way of creating privacy in your outdoor living space. 


This Winter, Have One Stop Patio Shop Instal your Patio Insulated Roofing


You don’t have to spend less time outdoors when the temperature drops. When the weather turns cold, Perth patios can be a wonderful, entertaining space. 

It is easy to prepare your Perth patio for winter. You only need to remove and add a few pieces. Many outdoor furniture options and other items are made exclusively for winter. You can make your outdoor living area look stylish and cosy in winter while making sure it is ready for spring by taking out your patio furniture and covering them with protective covers. 

An insulated roof will keep you warm in the cold Perth winters. One Stop Patio Shop offers a variety of roofing options that will fit your Perth patio. Our team will create a patio roof that lasts many winters. Get in touch today and don’t stop using your Perth flat patio space.

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