In the garden there is no bigger bang for your buck, than investing in an outdoor patio in Perth


Now is the perfect time to make lifestyle improvements to your home.  The best thing about homeownership is your ability to transform your home into a space that suits your personal preferences. Each new home improvement project will bring your space closer to the home you have always wanted. 

Everyday life has changed, there is so much uncertainty. While we can’t control the outside world, we can control how we live at home. as many families face social isolation (at least for the near term), it’s even more important to have a home that suits your preferences and needs. You might think it’s strange to make a major home improvement like adding a custom deck to your home now. But It’s actually a great time to make the changes. 

Yes, it is true that the maintenance of your garden and home takes time, money, energy, and sometimes the patio gets overlooked. However, there are many good reasons to consider investing in a high-quality outdoor patio in Perth. 

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Investment opportunity


It is important to get a good return on your investment in property. The housing market is highly competitive. A well-designed and landscaped patio will make your property stand out to potential buyers. Because it showcases the potential of your garden, outdoor living space, and offers additional space for recreation purposes, it will increase the property’s value. You can also tick the “kerb appeal” box if you take the time to ensure your hard landscaping compliments your driveway and home. 


Outdoor Living


It is important to have a place you can retreat to and use in many ways.  If you feel cramped in your home, a larger living space gives families more space to move around and allows them to spend time alone. It’s also a space that you can use for family dinners and board game nights if you are looking for ways to spend more time together. 

A deck will allow you to expand the area of your home and give you more space. 


Tailor your needs


A One Stop Patio Shop’s skilled contractors will work closely with you to make sure the deck blends in with your backyard’s details. They will consider the soil type you have. They will ensure that it has the best possible view and the perfect amount of shade from the trees. They’ll also design your yard to integrate with existing features like a garden, pool, or water fea ture. 


Style and Features


You can choose the elements that you love best when building a custom deck. This includes choosing the right materials for it based on their durability and aesthetics. It also means that you can choose features and add-ons you feel will make it more useful. 


Common features that you might include are: 

  • Custom deck lighting – whatever fixtures and lighting style you prefer 
  • Fireplace / firepit – keep the space warm during winter 
  • A fan – To keep cool during the summer heat 
  • An entertainment centre – to expand your game and movie night options outside 
  • Comfortable furniture 
  • Multi-story deck with steps 
  • A pergola, awning, or other shade cover. 
  • For additional seating, you can install benches 
  • You can add flowers and herbs to your planters with built-in plants 
  • Privacy fence – to make your deck more personal 
  • A kitchenette – to make outdoor and family dinners (once social distancing guidelines have been loosened) more enjoyable 

Your options are as broad as your budget and imagination when you hire a contractor to build your custom deck. 


Peak Entertainment


Now is the time to get on board with outdoor living spaces. Outdoor entertaining is a hot topic, especially in Australia. It is very important to create an outdoor entertaining space you can use no matter what the weather throws at you. 

Hosting a barbecue or party is a great way to meet your neighbours and become part of the local community. Rather than make the inside of your house messy, you can move the party outside and use your beautiful patio. Outdoor events can be made more successful by providing lighting, seating, music, and entertainment. Even better, the floors won’t get stained or damaged by food or wine. You can easily sweep and clean brick pavers and concrete patios in Perth which will save you from the wear and tear of indoor carpets. 


Easy, no maintenance


Concrete patios in Perth that are well-designed and constructed can be maintained easily and often require no maintenance. You can choose to apply ‘no sealer’, which will save you money on future maintenance with no resealing costs, just a wash every 6 months. Or a ‘permanent’ sealer, 10 years minimum lifespan (could last a lifetime). These options make decorative concrete patios in Perth more attractive than other options (timber and pavers), both in terms of cost and future maintenance. It stands out from all others. 


Efficiency in energy


Although they may not appear to be related, Perth patios with pergolas or shade areas can reduce your energy bills. The cooler the house will feel, the more shade there is around it. You can reduce the air conditioner and save money. 


Time to upgrade your patio


A patio is one of most cost-effective and effective home improvements that you can make. A well-designed patio can increase your home’s resale potential by providing more living space and entertainment. 

Are you looking to improve your patio? These top reasons to invest in a beautiful patio are enough to convince you not to wait. Contact Perth patio builders, One Stop Patio Shop today to see how our experts can help make your dream Perth outdoor patio.

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