You may have small backyards but big dreams of creating a multi-functional outdoor space.


Even with a small space, guests can still be entertained, garden, cook, and dine outdoors, as well as host family games nights, you just need to get creative. 

It is important to maximise your space, look for furniture that can be used in multiple purposes, use vertical space, and ensure that things don’t get too cluttered. 

Read more from the Perth patio builders at One Stop Patio Shop to find out why your small backyard needs a patio.  


Maximising Small WA Patios


You can maximise your patio space by making a list of all the functions you want it to serve, regardless of whether you have one. Are you looking to make the most of your outdoor space for cooking or eating outside? To read, grow herbs and play with your children. Maybe you want to start a weekly game night with friends. Making a list will help you decide on the features, furnishings, and design of your patio. 

If you don’t have a patio already built this is a great way to maximise your space. To save space, you could place permanent seating around your patio’s perimeter.  

Keep in mind that you are working in a small space. This means that you might be able to use more expensive materials. You might not have the budget for a large paving stone patio. However, as you only have limited space, you might be able to upgrade your paving stones and you may be able to afford to add additional features, since your budget doesn’t have to cover as much. 


Adds to Your Properties Value


A patio will increase your property’s market value and make your home more attractive to buyers. To preserve its beauty and value, you only need to maintain it. 


Endless Design Options


There are many materials that you can use when designing your Perth pergola. One stop patio shop offers on-site consultations for potential buyers to provide suggestions and designs for your project. 

Poly carbonate roofing options include Perth pergolas that let in light and block heat up to 25%. This makes your pergola one of the most beautiful spaces in your home. 

SolarSpan roofing range keeps your pergola cool in summer, thanks to its heat-reduction properties. It protects you from the sun’s damaging UV rays so you can enjoy the outdoors at all seasons. 

Flat deck roofing offers a clean, uncluttered appearance these roofs offer an exquisite lifestyle and are a great convenience. 

Privacy screens or blinds can be fitted to your Perth pergola to protect it from neighbours and passers-by. This will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space without being disturbed. 

You can also choose different types of timber depending on your preference. This gives your home a stinking look. 


Small Patio Furniture and Tables


To maximise space and seating in small spaces, narrow benches are best. These benches can be either built-in or standalone. It is a good idea to have benches with built-in storage, if possible. Your benches can be shaped like an L with two corners. If you are tight on space, benches that fold down can be stored against the wall. Hammocks can also be used to relax and are easy to set up and take down in a small area. 

A bistro set or side tables can also be used and take up less space than a dining room table. 

Folding chairs are a great way to add seating when entertaining guests. You can store them in a corner or shed, and they will not take up much space. A folding table can be purchased if you don’t plan to use a patio table very often. Consider a murphy table if you have a wall nearby. It attaches to the wall and can be folded down to make the space more open.  


Small Patio Storage


When designing a multifunctional small patio, storage is crucial. It is important to be able quickly and easily store any unnecessary items and be able then to bring them out as needed. These items could include pet toys, dog beds, cushions for the patio, grilling tools or children’s toys. Although deck boxes are ideal for this purpose, you might not have enough space to add one.  

You can find benches and chairs with hidden storage. A coffee table with built-in storage is also an option. Or you could consider a tall narrow cabinet that maximises vertical space. The key her is to look for patio furniture that serves at least two purposes. 


Small Patio Additional Features and General Tips


Barbecues take up space. If you cook for four people or less, it is worth considering getting rid of the large, heavy-duty grill and buying a smaller, tabletop barbecue grill that can be stored away when not in use. 

A patio bar can also take up a lot of space. If you enjoy entertaining, a murphy-bar might be a good option. Murphy bars are like cabinets that mount on the wall. However, when opened, they provide a bar surface with storage for bottles and glasses. 

To give your space a cheerful, welcoming feeling, add some colour and plants. The easiest way to add colour to your patio is with cushions and patio rugs. A mirror can make a small space appear larger and more open by adding it to your patio decor. 

Going vertical in a small space is a good idea, try a murphy table, murphy bar, or tall storage cabinets. A vertical garden can also be added to take advantage of the space, try hanging your potted plants or letting the climbing plants grow up structures. As the climbers grow, they will provide shade and create a calming atmosphere. It allows you to add plants to your patio or grow your own.   


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