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Although home extensions can be costly, a patio is an affordable way to utilise the unused space on your block. A patio can increase your home’s worth and be used for entertaining for many years to come. 


The patio is a great place to get some fresh air and escape the indoors. It doesn’t matter if the sun is beating down in the summer or the winter storms are in full force, there will be times when your patio isn’t practical. 


That is, unless you have a patio roof! 


You can make your patio complete with a variety of patio roofing options. You will need to decide whether you want an attached or detached patio. Perth patio builder, One Stop Patio Shop creates Perth patios that fit domes, skillions, or flats. Pyramids are also available. This article, however, is focused on gable patios. 


What’s a gable patio, you ask?


The gable roof style reminds you of an A-shaped building. The roof is slightly sloping towards the ground. You can cover detached patios as well as attached patios with a gable roof. 


Perth gable patios come in many styles and designs.


When building a gable, you can choose from many styles. A front-gabled house has its gable facing the street. A side-gabled house faces the street with its cullis, or gutter or groove in the roof. This means the ridge is parallel to the street. These two elements are the most prevalent in urban architecture. A popular mix of them is the cross-gable. 


Gabled patios can be designed in many ways compared to the roof of a house. You can choose from many different materials to make a gable patio. We’ll be listing them briefly later in this article. Glass, or pseudo-glass, and other materials can be used to let the light shine through to create an atmosphere that is greenhouse-like. It’s easy to have a Perth gable patio that is consistent with the design and style of your home. 


Gable Patio Materials


Perth gable patios can be made with a variety of materials to fit your home’s style. To stand up to Perth’s intense weather conditions, we only use the best, most durable materials. We cover most of our cables with Colorbond steel roofing due to its longevity and reflective qualities. Don’t worry, there is a large range of different colours and profiles to suit your tastes. Choose the perfect colourway to match your décor and provide a seamless indoor-to-outdoor home transition. Download our Colorbond Steel colour chart here. 


Attached vs. Freestanding


As for patio roofing or patio covers, they can either be attached or freestanding. The attached gable roofing tends to be sloped and attached directly to your home. This allows you to maintain a certain consistency, so the patio will appear more like an extension of your home. It can, however, be more time-consuming and difficult to set up, although this structure tends to be more stable. 


The roof may be visible for the freestanding style, but it may not be connected to the home in any way. Temporary clipping may be used to attach the cover to the ridges. A freestanding gable design is structurally independent of the home and will have some architectural similarities to a gazebo. These are much easier to set up and you can place the roofing at whatever distance you want from your house. This shouldn’t be too far, considering we are talking about patios. And if it goes too far, this could lead to design inconsistency. 


Gable patios are both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. See the benefits below! 


Water drainage


The peaked roof not only looks good, but it also helps to manage water drainage. Without a sloped roof, the integrity of your patio cover could be compromised by heavy downpours. High-quality materials like Colorbond steel are used to build gable roofing that offers effective sun and weather protection. They come in a wide range of colours. 


Cooling and ventilation


The peaked design of  these patios makes them more efficient in cooling and ventilating. The extra space beneath the roof allows for heat and air to flow more efficiently during the summer months. 


Increased space


Gable designs offer more space and are ideal for carports and patios in Perth. Because they have more headroom, larger vehicles can be accommodated, and even boats. Horizontal cross beams allow for fans, lights, and other modern conveniences. 




Gable roofs tend to be less expensive than gazebos or pergolas. These roofs are stylish and easy to maintain. One Stop Patio Shop makes its gable roofs in Wangara using premium Australian materials and components. 


Gable Style: What are the pros and cons? 


A gabled patio offers the best protection against the elements. Even though Perth patios are wonderful in the summer, it can get a little too harsh when the sun shines. They offer shade and a smooth breeze. Gable roofing provides more shade than any other patio type and protects the area from rain. They also shed rain quickly, so water build-up is reduced. 


They are also quite simple. Few outdoor structures are as easy to install, despite their effectiveness. 


Your reliable Perth Patio Builders


At One Stop Patio Shop, we offer different designs according to your needs, budget, and overall preferences. All our projects are sturdy and visually appealing structures you can enjoy for years to come. Customising your patio is also one of our specialisations so you can create your dream vision for your home. 


Give us a call if you’re interested in a gable roof patio built by a trusted Perth Patio Builder. 



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