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If you’re looking for a pergola or patio, we’ve got you covered. We’re the leading installer of pergolas and patios, but before we go any further, we first need to talk about the differences between these two options.

Lots of people are still unsure about how pergolas and patios differ and what the benefits of each option are. Before you can make an informed decision about which of these options is best for you, it’s important to understand what each one brings to the table. We’re going to discuss exactly that now.

The Difference Between Pergolas and Patios

The main difference between pergolas and patios is that pergolas are much sturdier and more reliable constructions. That’s not to say patios aren’t reliable, but they’re not quite as secure or sturdy as a pergola. As a result, pergolas also tend to be more expensive to install, so that’s something to take into account too. Pergolas are usually made from timber, whereas patios are usually metal constructions.

The Benefits of Pergolas

Pergolas are strong and secure and can add real definition and style to your outdoor space. They’re very good at bringing together style and functionality, which has to be a positive thing. They, of course, offer shade and protection from the elements, as well as being reliable for years and decades to come if properly looked after and maintained.

The Benefits of Patios

Patios are more affordable to install, and this makes them very appealing to many homeowners. If you want to make an improvement to your outdoor space without spending a huge amount of money, installing a patio that can offer you shade, and protection might be a good way of doing that. They offer the shade and protection from the elements you’re looking for.

Why You Should Add a Pergola or Patio to Your Outdoor Space

If you need protection from the sun but want to keep that outdoors feel in your outdoor space, it makes sense to have a pergola or patio installed. It makes your outdoor space more functional and usable because there’ll never be times when you don’t want to go out there. And it’ll also add real value to your property, which is important to most homeowners.

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If you want to find out more about what we can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll take steps to help you find the pergola or patio that’s right for you and your outdoor space. And, hopefully, the information above has helped you to decide which of these options you want to have installed.

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