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Although it may seem easy to design a patio in Perth, it is important that your outdoor patio in Perth is right for your children.

Do you worry about your children falling and getting hurt on your patio?

They can get slippery when it rains, increasing the danger of slips and trips. A patio with an elevated level can make it easy for your toddler to slip through the railings.

It is important to protect your patio and make it safer for children. This will allow you to maximise your outdoor living space while not putting your child at risk.

So, what can you do to ensure that playtime is as safe as possible?


Soften the Surface


If your child trips or falls, softening outdoor surfaces can help reduce the severity of injuries. This is particularly important for children who love running in the backyard.

Non-skid and non-slip materials are recommended for slippery surfaces like patios in Perth, walkways, pavers, and pavers. Rubber flooring and playmats offer a great grip to reduce the possibility of falling or being injured.

Choose groundcovers for your Perth patio that can be walked on easily and are soft if you wish to grow large lawns for aesthetic reasons. These groundcovers include Dymondia and Zoysia. Artificial grass is also an option, they are hardy and aesthetically pleasing.


Barricade Balcony Spaces


To prevent your toddler from falling through the cracks on your elevated Perth outdoor patio include railings to protect them. This can be done by attaching plexiglass slabs or acrylic sheets to your rails.

You shouldn’t use netting or wire to barricade your balcony space. This is because they are both weak options and can be easily damaged by extreme weather conditions.


Use Lots of Shade


It is essential to have shade in your Perth outdoor patio space because the sun can sometimes be harsh in our climate. The shade will allow your child to play outside even during the summer heat while protecting them from getting sunburnt.

You can add shade to your outdoor patio in Perth by using insulated roof panels or retractable awnings. These two options are great because they provide shade and keep your patio at a comfortable temperature.


Planting Safe Plants


If you have children, it is important to be aware of what plants you are planting. It is impossible to watch them every minute when they are in the backyard. Therefore, it is best to avoid planting potentially dangerous plants altogether.

Avoid prickly plants like roses and cacti. Other plants that can be poisonous include golden dewdrops, angel’s trumpets, and daphnes. You should remove these plants immediately if they start to grow.


Create Play Spaces


The easiest way to manage your children’s interactions in the outdoors is to create child-friendly zones. Designated play areas attract children’s attention and keep them away from potentially dangerous areas.

Consider what your children enjoy and ensure that you include those elements in your play areas. You can add a cubby house, a sandbox, or even a garden bed to their play area. These features will not only prevent your children from getting into trouble, but they will also teach valuable skills like gardening.


Encourage Imagination


There is nothing that inspires wonder more than the adventures children have outside. Your outdoor space can be used to inspire your child’s creativity. Why not start a veggie patch and plant some herbs and vegetables or even marigolds, and sunflowers in a garden bed. You can also make a fun pathway through your garden. Or build a playhouse for them to spark their imagination.


Storage for Toys


A backyard with children can benefit from custom built-in benches that are under the shade of a pergola in Perth. These benches can be used as additional seating or as storage to clean up your children’s toys after playtime. You can even DIY one yourself and add cushions for comfort.


Examine for Cracks, Faults, and Hazards


When was the last time you inspected your outdoor space flooring? Never? Well, you should every so often. Look for cracks or imperfections that may have developed over time. These imperfections may seem small but can cause serious injuries.

Little ones will be running all day long, so you want a soft, even surface to keep them safe. To avoid any accidents, it is a good idea to occasionally inspect the safety of any backyard water features and fireplaces.


Remember to Consider Your Furry Friends’ Needs!


Remember to consider the needs of your family pets, as they will likely be outdoors a lot with your children. Your pets will need their own space. Your children should have enough space to play with their pets and to make positive memories under your Perth pergola.


Include an Adult Area


While you want your children to have the best garden possible, it is important that proper garden design for kids also includes a portion for adults as well. Benefits can include growing plants in this area as they are unlikely to be damaged by children as they play.

You can teach your children the importance of respecting your time and give them a place to unwind. This will show your kids that you care about them and won’t disturb their play. This will make them more cautious in the area.

When planning your outdoor living area, it can be hard to find the right balance between child-friendliness and design aesthetics. There are professionals who can help you with your Perth pergola and patio design and building needs. The experts will help you create your outdoor space.


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