Patio Designs

When considering patio design ideas it is beneficial to discuss a number of considerations with your patio builder, such as your budget, the space available, the overall look of your home and your lifestyle. Your patio builder will be able to advise you on what may be best for your circumstances and on the latest materials and styles in patio designs. You should select a patio design that suits your needs and tastes.

Flatter pitched roofs

The current trend in patio design is to construct flatter pitched roofs, as this design provides a sleeker and cleaner line, and complements the overall look of the home without drawing unnecessary attention to itself. This style of patio is typically a flat roof, though it can also be achieved with low-pitched gable roofs and dome roofs with minimal slope. The curved roof is also growing in popularity, again for its smooth and round style that allows it to blend effortlessly into the home.

71 Trends in Patio DesignsSteel

Steel also continues to be a popular trend in patio design. The great style appeal of steel is the range of colours available, combined with its strength and durability, making it a long lasting home addition that will retain its good looks for many years.

The easy maintenance of steel is also attractive when compared to wooden structures. Another new development that is quickly catching on is the introduction of solar span roofs which have inbuilt insulation that provides terrific heat reduction and improved comfort, ideal for hot Australian summers.

There is no end to the amount of style, versatility and comfort a new patio can add to a home. If you are looking for a patio supplier that uses Australian made materials, and will install your new patio on time and on budget, One Stop Patio Shop is your best option. Contact their helpful team on (08) 9455 7277 today.

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