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Learn how to transform your Perth patio with these clever ideas that will turn your boring space into an awesome retreat. 


Consider taking on an outside project if home improvement is one of your goals in 2022. There are many benefits to adding a patio or deck to your property, from financial return to family pleasure.  

Do not panic. You don’t necessarily need a huge space to make your patio look modern and stylish. It is possible to create a beautiful patio in a small space. However, the creativity and exclusivity of your patio design and your landscaper will dictate how unique and attractive it will be. 

One Stop Patio Shop is the best choice if you are looking for unique, creative, and out-of-the box patio design projects in Perth. 

We add style and elegance to your yard with a stunning alfresco or practical carport. You can also complete your luxury home improvement project with landscaping and decking to give your garden a beautiful finish. 

One Stop Patio Shop has years of experience in installing and upgrading numerous outdoor patios in Perth. We have plenty of great ideas to help homeowners create a more welcoming outdoor space. 


Use Pavers Creatively

Stone pavers can be added to concrete to improve the design of your patio or backyard, creating a cobblestone effect. Pavers come with a wide range of finishes and shapes so that they can be adapted to any theme or aesthetic. 

Pavers are more durable than concrete because they can move under pressure, eliminating cracking. Pavers can also be repaired if needed. They don’t need to be in the exact same shape and can be easily refilled without realigning anything. 


Upgrade Your Patio Shade

You can be creative with the roofing to protect your WA patio from too much sunlight. There are many ways to make your patio more shaded than just a sunshade. The patio is more versatile for outdoor events day or night thanks to insulated Perth SolarSpan roofing and stylish V-lines. 

Perth SolarSpan roofing provides excellent coverage. It is more durable and can withstand all kinds of weather compared to simple canvas or vinyl umbrellas. 


Stain it

Staining wooden patios in WA is an inexpensive and quick way to refresh the material’s overall appearance. The stain is easy to apply and can be done by yourself in one weekend. 

Concrete patios can also be stained. Spray stains can be purchased at hardware stores and home centres. They are easily applied as a permanent colour change, but they will fade over time like any stain. 


Add a Fire Pit

A fire pit can be installed on your patio in Perth using either concrete or stone. You can use it to create a space for people to gather and chat or convert it into a BBQ pit for events and parties. You can also find standalone fire pits in local home centres that can be installed on your deck if a permanent fire pit is not an affordable option. 


Include Planters

Planters can be placed as permanent fixtures on the patio. By adding some foliage to the space, you can instantly make it brighter and more natural. The area is also given the appearance of having a garden without the high amount of maintenance, allowing for natural scenes and enhancing the beauty. 


Hang Some Mood Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a great investment to make your backyard the best it can be. String lights can be hung from a pergola or in your outdoor living area to create a starry-night atmosphere. For soft lighting, you can line your DIY patio or garden path using torches and lanterns. 


So, is it Worth Upgrading Your WA Patio?

These are just a few of the reasons you should add an outdoor living space to your home. 


Extra Living Space

You can create an extension to your home by creating an outdoor living area. The extra space will be a great place for your family to gather, relax, enjoy meals, or simply just spend time together in the sun. 

You can also control the dimensions and layout of your patio or deck space, so you can make it your own. Consider adding extra space to your deck or patio for children, along with safety railings and guards. 


Endless Entertainment Potential

Outdoor living spaces are great for hosting barbecues with your family, friends, and neighbours. Many times, you can incorporate tables, BBQs, or television sets into your outdoor living space. Add all-weather furniture to your space, and you are ready to entertain all year round. 


Higher Resale Value

A great way to increase your home’s value is to create an outdoor living space. A patio or deck can add curb appeal, and homeowners might appreciate the fact that they are already constructed without any additional time or expense. 


Affordable Home Improvements

Building a patio is much more affordable than other home improvements. If you’re on a tight budget, this can prove to be very beneficial. 


Hire Professional Contractors for Patio Renovations 

Consult with experts to ensure a smooth and professional patio renovation. In today’s high demand market for patio contractors, it can be hard to find reliable ones. But it is worth your time and money to hire professionals, especially if you want to increase the property’s value. 

We are trusted contractors that can help you get approval from the council with all necessary documentation and permits. Don’t believe us read our positive client testimonials.  Contact us today for a fast free quote on your plans to upgrade or renovate your Perth patio and let our team handle everything.  

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