SolarSpan has become one of the top patio options for Perth homeowners, but is it really the best option for your patio?


Yes! At One Stop Patio Shop, we highly recommend SolarSpan roof sheeting for any Perth patio project. It is a great investment that will provide many benefits. We create stylish, functional patios in Perth. Using SolarSpan roofing sheeting is a way for Perth patios to create an entertaining all-year-round feature. 

Many Australians are aware of the many benefits of insulation. Insulation is a great way to keep your home cool and your heat controlled. One-Stop Patio Shop will assist you in making the most of your outdoor space and entertaining as many guests as possible. Insulated roofing panels will provide you with comfort throughout the year. It can also reduce your electricity bills. 

Solarspan sheet patios in Perth offer many benefits, including: 

  • Low maintenance. 
  • It provides long-lasting insulation. 
  • It reduces hail and rain noise. 
  • It blocks the scorching summer heat. 
  • It looks great and is stylish. 
  • Strong, durable, and safe. 


Is Solarspan Worth It?


One Stop Patio Shop and many of our Perth customers think so too. It is the perfect Perth patio design for anyone who wants it. 

It already has amazing insulation properties, so once it’s built, you don’t have to pay extra for it to be insulated. 

SolarSpan, is versatile and very effective in creating the illusion of space. It is the simplest and most appealing way to make your patio stand apart from the rest. 

Here are our top reasons why: 


A Cool and Enjoyable Outdoor Space


Insulated patio roofing will make your outdoor environment more enjoyable, cool, and comfortable. Insulated patio roofing systems come in a variety of materials, so you can choose one that fits your style and budget. In the summer, your patio will absorb heat. This can make it unbearable to sit under it and enjoy. The roof can be insulated to reduce heat absorption, which will make your patio cooler, more enjoyable, and more comfortable. Get in touch with One Stop Patio Shop to create the perfect outdoor space. 


Reduce External Noise


Insulated roof panels will help you concentrate and not be distracted. How can it do this? Insulated roof panels can not only regulate the temperature, but also reduce the noise. To reduce heat conductivity, insulation materials have porous fibres. Due to its porous properties, insulation has been proven to be a powerful sound absorber. Insulation will absorb sound waves so they will not penetrate the roof. Insulated roof panels are a great way to reduce noise from nearby streets and noisy neighbourhoods. Also, the internal noise won’t go outside, so you can host parties without worrying about disturbing your neighbours. To enjoy the outdoors this summer, please contact One Stop Patio Shop. 


Hide Electrical Lines


Patios with insulated roofing can conceal unsafe and unsightly electrical lines. This will make it look more pleasant and attractive. Also, high temperatures could cause harm to sensitive electrical wiring. The best insulation can protect the wires from being damaged and increase their durability. 


Property Value  


A patio roof with insulation will create a sophisticated and unique look. Insulated roofing will give your patio a more stylish appearance and may increase its kerb appeal. In addition, high-quality insulation will increase your property’s selling price and maximise your return on your investment. Property buyers are attracted to properties with extra features and functions. 


Insulated Roofing Characteristics


Less Posts


The SolarSpan Perth patio design utilises super strong support beams measuring 1.2 metres in length. This allows for more space in your patio as there are fewer support posts. This makes your patio more flexible when it comes to how you use it, regarding seating, dining tables, BBQs, etc. 

Another great thing about the SolarSpan roof is its versatility. It can be made in either a gable or flat shape to match your home’s overall design. It is made from durable Colorbond steel and does not require support structures. It is a very attractive addition to any patio or home because it has a clean, uncluttered appearance. 


Concealed Ducting


One Stop Patio Shop insulated patio roofs are constructed with concealed ducting that allows for the installation of cables and wiring to keep them hidden. 


Protective Coating


Outdoor roofing must provide protection from the often-harsh Australian elements. One Stop Patio Shop provides insulated SolarSpan patio roofs that can be used to protect the roof and minimize the chance of weather damage. 




One Stop Patio Shop’s Perth SolarSpan roofs are watertight because watertight joinery is used to keep water out of any areas where it could cause damage. 


Three Tiers


To create your multipurpose roof, you can combine three types of roofing materials. The roof structure is made up of a strong roofing sheet, polystyrene insulation, and a protective ceiling wrap. 


Insulation Material


Insulation comes in many thicknesses to fit your specific situation. It is very adaptable. 


What Is the Difference Between Insulated Patios and Standard Patios?


For milder climates, standard patio roofing works well. Because we have been in business for years in Perth, we are well-versed in the harsh realities of Perth’s weather. 

Although you can still use a traditional roof, an insulated roofing system will protect your patio from the harsh Western Australian weather. It can withstand summer storms and strong winds. 

Even in the hot summer sun, your patio can still be used for entertaining, relaxing, or cooking on the grill. 


Choose SolarSpan in Perth


You must invest in top-quality insulated roof panels that will enhance the value of your property. You should contact us at One Stop Patio Shop to purchase high-quality SolarSpan roof panels. Perth SolarSpan roof panels offer strong and long-term protection against scorching heat during the summer months. If you have an insulated patio roof, you will certainly attract lots of buyers as they also desire energy-efficient features in a home. It will also bring down your heating and cooling expenses. What’s not to love? 

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