SolarSpan insulated roof has been around for some time and is becoming more popular among homeowners looking to create a year-round outdoor living space. At One Stop Patio Shop, SolarSpan has quickly become the roof of choice for new outdoor patios around Perth as it is affordable, simple, and attractive. 


What is SolarSpan?


SolarSpan, a three-layered insulated roofing panel made of two layers of Colourbond, steel laminated with a high-performing polystyrene centre. This panel is ideal for outdoor Perth patios and pergolas, as well as carports, verandas, and decks. 


What are the Benefits of SolarSpan?


  • Blocks Heat: SolarSpan’s high-performing polystyrene base provides long-lasting insulation as well as comfort below. 
  • Quick Installation: Save Money– The modular, simple design of SolarSpan, reduces overall build times. You get the savings you would have made by not having to hire extra labour. 
  • Adds Value: SolarSpan, an affordable way to bring new life to your backyard and increase the value of your home, is available. 
  • Reduces Noise: Rain and Hail noise can be reduced. 
  • Low Maintenance: SolarSpan’s Colourbond steel ceiling and roof gives you a durable, easy-to-clean finish. 
  • Strength: SolarSpan’s strength means that owners can walk on it to maintain the roof or retrieve stray balls. 
  • Simple Construction: No rafters nor battens required. 
  • 10 Year Guaranteed Warranty:  SolarSpan offers you peace of mind by providing a written 10-year warranty on your panel. 
  • Versatility: SolarSpan can be used for patios, enclosed extensions, and carports as well as a range of shaded structures. 
  • Comfortable: Enjoy your outdoor space all year with SolarSpan. 
  • Design: SolarSpan has 9 unique colours available. Each colour was hand-picked with support from BlueScope Steel to offer the best thermal performance. 


SolarSpan Patio Designs


One Stop Patio Shop has been designing and working with Solarspan patios since the beginning. The diverse styles have grown to include flat patios, hip end, custom patios, and gable patios in Perth. 


Free Standing Patios


This design offers an oasis away from your main home. Position it in front of your pool or in a cosy spot in the backyard. It is the perfect entertaining area for weekend gatherings family events or regular outdoor dining.  


Flat and Skillion Patios


One Stop Patio Shop started out utilising SolarSpan on simple flat patios in Perth. We were immediately impressed by the simplicity of the flat patio design in Perth homes. The insulated panels not only reduce heat, but also create a seamless transition between the inside and outside of a home. 


The attached skillion roofing will expand your living space and provide a multipurpose carport, boat port, or general cover area that protects you and your most important possessions from heat and cold. Because of its open design and ability for light to enter the home, the skillion patio is a popular choice. It gives any patio a sharp and clean appearance. 


Fly over Patios


SolarSpan, a fly-over roof, creates an open, spacious living space with high ceilings that allow for air flow, daylight, and additional headroom. Fly over roofs offer aesthetically and architecturally pleasing roofing lines that enhance your home. With minimal framing requirements, homeowners can breathe new life into existing decks or patios with more space and comfort throughout all seasons. 


Gable Patios


Perth gable patios have been a popular choice for their ability to create space. SolarSpan, which transformed the gable patio in Perth into something completely new, has lifted it to new heights. 


Its design is simply stunning, giving your patio additional height and ventilation of hot air. It provides a striking visual impact while also providing insulation benefits all year. 


Hip end and pyramid patios in Perth


Hip end patios topped with SolarSpan roofing stand out from the rest. Its elegant and sophisticated design is sure to improve any outdoor space’s aesthetics. 


Hip end gable patios can create the illusion of additional space in your home. This illusion is magnified when outdoor furniture is added to complement your patio. 


Perth pyramid patios and Hip end already have the WOW factor. But SolarSpan, turns it up. 


Custom patios


Because of the increasing number of homes built on irregular-shaped blocks, custom patio designs are becoming more popular. These homes often have many angles and shapes that are not suitable for a rectangular patio. 


These designs can still use SolarSpan, which transforms a space from being bare into a place where you can relax or entertain. 



Is Solarspan Worth It?


One Stop Patio Show believes so, as do many of our past customers. It offers the style, finish and look that many desire for their patio, plus it already has exceptional insulation properties, so there won’t be any need for additional insulation once the patio is built. 


SolarSpan is a versatile tool that creates the illusion of space and can be used in a variety ways. It is one of the easiest and most attractive methods to make your patio standout from the rest. 


If you love the look of SolarSpan or want to know more about our Perth outdoor patio designs, Contact One Stop Patio Shop today for everything you need to build or renovate your patio, all under the one roof. 

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