Single Skin Or Insulated Patio Roofing: Which Should You Choose?

A well-built Patio gives you the best of both the indoors and the outdoors. A Patio gives you a lovely view and feel of the great Western Australian outdoors whilst keeping you in a comfortable, safe environment.

The versatility provided by a Patio that creates this perfect indoor and outdoor blend is it’s roofing. It’s quite common for patio projects to have two kinds of patio roofing, the single skin and the insulated patio roofing. These are both viable options and are usually dependent on preference, requirement and budget.

What’s The Difference?

Single Skin Roofing

A single skin patio roofing gets its name by having only a single layer of steel used which is then painted and may be finished with a high gloss. The main function of this single steel roofing is to reflect the harsh sun and minimise overheating.

Although affordable in most cases, a single skin roofing for your patio has one clear flaw and that is keeping warmth in your patio during winter. Although Perth summers are scorching hot it can get quite cold in winter, a single skin patio roof will deter some of the harsh sunrays but will fail to keep any warmth into the patio.

Insulated Patio Roofing

Insulated roofing for your patio is considered an upgrade to the single skin roofing as they are made of highly durable steel layers, not just one single steel layer. These are the ideal roof for the Perth climate and are the choice of top patio builders as they are sleek and modern in design with a large range of frames to choose from.

A clear advantage of an insulated patio roof is that its versatility and resistance to moisture allows homeowners to install ceiling fans and lights on their patio roof to make it more appealing and comfortable.

The most important aspect of an insulated patio roof is its climate control ability. An insulated patio roof can help minimise both cold and hot temperatures which is perfect for Perth as the summers are very hot, but the winters can get very cold. This allows you to enjoy your patio in both the cold months and the very warm months.

Who Wins?

Unfortunately for the single skin roofs there is no competitive, the insulated patio roof is clearly the winner. The insulated patio roof allows you the versatility of using your patio year-round as it keeps the warmth in during winter and helps cool you down in summer.


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