Summer is the festive season, so you want to get your patio in shape to entertain and enjoy the sun. However, deciding how to do it isn’t straightforward. There are plenty of options, and lots of patio Perth companies to match. The tension only adds to your stress levels as you try to create the perfect living space for Christmas and New Year.

The good news is that we have got your back. As one of the leading patio Perth contractors, we have the knowledge and experience to lend a helping hand. Here’s what you need to know regarding preparing your patio for Perth summer.

Extend The Space

Come on – there’s never enough room in the summer. There are too many people over at the house socialising and having a good time for there to be unused space. Plus, what’s wrong with extending? At least then you’ve got more than you need! By installing something like a gable patio, your property will grow, seamlessly and elegantly. Don’t worry about all the components of your living space not matching because we match the patio roof with the style of your home.

Cover Up

Yes, it’s almost summer and you want to enjoy the weather. Still, it’s not as if the mercury only reaches 30°C and below. In Perth, you’re looking at 35+°C, with the thermometer closer to 40°C in the dead of summer. So, it makes sense to make use of your living area without frying in the heat, and we have the perfect solution. Our dome patios block UVA and UVB rays while letting through enough light to create an ambient glow. We also have flat roof patios, and a dome is perfect for modern and contemporary properties.

To block the sun completely, you should try our SolarSpan patio with an insulated roof. The insulation on the outside not only blocks UV rays, but it also prevents condensation from forming. So, your outdoor space will look cleaner and more hospitable.

Extend It Past The Summer

Whoever said patios are for summer in Perth doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Typically, you wouldn’t step out in the autumn or winter when the weather is colder and the patio less welcoming. However, we have a solution that keeps you warm, dry, and outside 365 days a year. It’s an Alfresco patio and it pretty much mimics your interior but in your garden. Thanks to the lighting, flooring, and timber ceiling lining, it’s ready to use twelve months a year.

Do you need advice on which patio to choose and how to prepare it for summer? Don’t hesitate to contact us today – we’re a patio Perth market leader.

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