If you’re looking for ways to add colour to your garden, plants can be attractive features that bring a touch of nature to your open or insulated patio. Learning how to care for these plants is essential to ensure their longevity, and the watering methods you use should be formed by your lifestyle.

In this video from eHow Garden, Christy Wilhelmi offers tips for watering strawberries and other seasonal patio plants, allowing them to grow as healthy as possible. When you set up a reliable irrigation system or get into the habit of watering your plants as often as they need without overwatering, you can enjoy a fruitful garden whether you live in the city or the country.

Patios are well suited to container gardening, which also makes upkeep of your plants easier by allowing individual plants to be watered according to their unique needs. Setting up dedicated irrigation systems using spigots can also help to achieve this, and these systems can be automated to make sure your plants are well watered even if you don’t have much time to spare in the garden or when setting off on holiday.

If you prefer to care for your plants the old-fashioned way, you should research the watering requirements of different plants in your local climate and get to know the plants in your garden by using the second knuckle test when checking the soil for moisture content. Placing a saucer beneath patio plants will also make sure there’s an available supply of water for the plant’s roots.

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